Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TfL Using Uber Fo Business Travel, While Mike Brown Refuses To Answer Question From MP... by Jim Thomas

News broke yesterday that the UPHD Union had made a freedom of information request and found TfL to be Using Uber for Business travel. 

Taxi leaks would like to know, how it's possible, that Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is after all the overall head of TfL, allows staff to use a foreign company which is registered offshore, pays what little tax it does pay in Holland, is at the centre of an employment tribunal and disregards many of the legislated private hire regulations, while we have reputable private hire companies who pay their fare share of tax and VAT. 

What's been used as an incentive to entice TfL staff, to use this scandalous company for business travel and just how long has this been going on. 

Did it start before or after managing director of surface transport  Leon Daniels lied to the GLA transport committee, about Uber's nonexistent on/off insurance policies?
Before or after he lied about Uber having a landline?
Did it start before or after TfL employed a top QC to show that Uber's phone wasn't a Taxi meter?
We ask these questions after the UPHD  Freedom Of Information Request was published on all forms of social media yesterday. 

This again is more evidence of a bias connection between Uber and TfL, coming in the wake of damning emails published in the Badge Taxi newspaper, between TfL's Managing Director of Surface Transport Leon Daniels and Uber's Executive Jo Bertram, where it was explained that Uber should not make public certain statements which showed they were actually operating in contravention of the Private Hire Act 1998. 

In a poll conducted by Taxi Leaks 64% of drivers who answered, said they thought Leon Daniels would be first Director to be sacked,  plus an online petition has also been set up actually calling for this TfL executive to be fired. 

But then again TfL totally believe they are above any regulation bought in by parliamentary legislation, they've changed and relaxed many reg's to suit certain stakeholders at the cost to the licensed Taxi trade for many years. 

More recently -on the 15th of October 2016- my own MP wrote to Mike Brown over the delayed publication of the private hire related rape and sexual assault statistics. To this day MP Gareth Thomas,  still hasn't received a formal reply from the Commissioner.