Sunday, January 15, 2017

Don't Hold Your Breath....Tarif Review Or Race To The Bottom.... By I'm Spartacus.

So the tariff review has gone live for 'Consultation' inevitably followed by some minor changes then implementation by the no nothing's that regulate the trade and seemingly in some cases represent it.

Rate three cut and the mysterious rate 4 appearing after 12 rather than 6 miles.....Yippee say some, the press will trumpet 'cab fares fall, it's a bargain!'.....not a chance, more like 'Cab Fares up by 30% as Minimum Fare Rockets' , followed by the rest in small print if at all.

Of course cab rents, meter fees, insurance and the cost of a new cab will fall in line in the new austere trade, of course Radio and App circuit fees will also
Fixed prices to the driver will soon see the driver paying the riders to travel in the cab!

We turn now to stand down pay for those that state they speak for us, apparently one organisation is paying committee people £290.00 for 10 minute meetings, that's £1740.00 an hour each, (you can hire a top QC for that with change to spare).

Will those who 'stand shoulder to shoulder' with the working cab driver in this race to the bottom, take a pay cut, hand  back their luxury cars (why do they need a car?), Platinum health plans etc, maybe they will? 

The form book says not, as I said don't hold your breath.

I'm Spartacus.

Editorial Gerald Coba.

New generation of Taxi meters. 
But will TfL approve without a special relationship from this new stakeholder???

Seeing as rear fitted CC machines in TX Taxis block most of the rear view, it would give us something worthwhile to look at in the mirror.

Listen to the Taxi Tarif Debate on LBC -Just under 4 mins.