Saturday, January 14, 2017


Section 14 Public Order Act 1986 ​

In order to prevent serious disruption to the life of the community, the following condition has been placed upon the event due to take place on the highway:

  1. A static assembly must only take place within the roads inside the area of (and not including) West of King William Street, West of Gracechurch Street, South of London Wall, East of St Martin’s Le Grand, East of New Change, East of Friday Street, East of Lambeth Hill, North of Upper Thames Street
  2. Any assembly may only take place for a maximum of 90 minutes from 1500hrs.

If you take part in the public assembly today you must adhere to this condition. Failure to do so may lead to arrest and prosecution.

The condition may be subject to change by the Senior Officer present – if in doubt please consult a Police Officer.​

As far as we can see, this sec14 only covers Monday 16th

Press release from the Independent Taxi Allience (ITA) 

On Monday if the police order us to move. We move.
We are entitled to work in the City of London; so after moving off, we are entitled to return to ply our trade.
If a policeman tell us to head off up Cornhill, we will.
And once we have complied, we may go to the area we feel we can best earn our living.

If we do not exercise our right to ply our trade in the City, that trade will be stolen from us, with the aid of the Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police, Transport for London and the Corporation of the City of London.
We must make sure we ply now or forever lose that right!

Policemen who are also Taxi drivers have warned us to keep your cameras rolling. And report any officer who is not displaying identification.

Some of these City of London officials who want us out and buses in, belong to the same lodge as the Commissioner. So do not expect fairness.

If the City plays dirty, we will have to change tactics. We may go on foot protests, or choose another venue within the Square Mile.
If we feel threatened, we will lock our taxis up and leave them where they stand.

Remember Ian Tomlinson, the innocent newspaper vendor who was killed by police.

So the bottom line is do what the police tell you to do. But you have every right to return to find work.