Saturday, January 21, 2017

BANK JUNCTION TAXI EXCLUSION UPDATE : City of London Peace Talks Announced... By Jim Thomas

For five days, the passionate driver led coalition of the Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA), with little or no support from the leadership of our largest org, led the police around the City on a cat and mouse chase. 

They said Taxi drivers couldn't win anything on their own, but they were wrong. 

You'll never win they said!
What's the point in fighting ?
What's the point of demos?
Ignoring a problem will never make it go away!

We all remember what the late great Bob crow used to say:
"If you fight, I can't promise you will win, but if you don't fight, I promise you this, you will always lose". 

Yesterday afternoon, at the completion of a week of demonstrations, Bob Crow's Union, the RMT, put out this statement:


RMT have pursued dialogue with City of London regarding the ongoing dispute over Bank Junction.

The branch has successfully managed to secure a meeting with the corporation.
Details to follow.

In solidarity
Lewis Norton

Branch Secretary. 

This is not the ultimate victory. 
It's not the definite win...

Without the fight, the standing shoulder to shoulder, the turning up day after day.... we had no chance. 
But now we have that chance, and it's all thanks to you who cared, you who believed, you who attended. 

It's not what's in your pocket today that matters, but what's in your heart for the future.
Its not about me, it's not about you,  it's about us and our future, a future together. 
And now, we're in the race, we have a chance of wining 

       Warning strong language

Video by London Taxi Radio, artwork by Laura Henderson