Friday, January 20, 2017

Another Day, Another Demo, Another Success.

Again, yesterday afternoon, rank and file drivers answered the call and assembled at the Bank Junction, despite another section 14 being slapped on the peaceful protest, limiting a static demonstration to just 30 minutes. But at 3:30, plan B was put into action. 

The police tried to preempt the demonstrator's plans and reports were being received that groups of motorcycle cops, with flashing blue lights, had been dispatched to both Tenison Way and The Old Street roundabouts....but again, the police were out manoeuvred by the protesters. 

Apparently, plan B had been kept off social media. Drivers were all instructed by word of mouth, to leave the junction and slowly make their way over to London Bridge.

Southbound lanes soon ground to a halt and using the station forecourt, drivers doubled back around, with the northbound lanes soon becoming gridlocked. 
Drivers who chose to ignore their colleagues and look for work at the station, were caught up as the station forecourt  seized up, trapping Taxis on the rank. 

TfL's centre coms managers, frantically tried to re-phase the lights to empty traffic from the bridge, but in true TfL fashion, they just added to the chaos. 
Funny that, we've had months of congestion on this bridge, yet they just left commuters sitting there, as the bus lane was moving well.

They said it couldn't be done! 
Day 4 Taxi trade 4 City of London 0...

Trade orgs who refused to support this week's demos have shot themselves in the foot as drivers are now looking at private legal cover (£8 a month) which could see their membership fall. 

After all, why belong to an org that refuses to support its own members!
It was their drivers who turned out every day, lanyards of all colours and even diaries on dashboards. Well done to those who turned out on these highly successful demos.

On day 3, the protesters out manoeuvred the Met and managed to get the Bank Junction closed, even though they held their demo elsewhere. 

A spokesman for the driver led ITA said:
"Tomorrow will be the last demo in this series for a couple of weeks. This is to enable drivers who have taken a huge dip in takings this week, to go back to work and earn a living. 

"In the words of a great leader of men, General Douglas MacArthur, WE SHALL RETURN."