Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More Written Answers To Caroline Pidgeon's Questions, From Mayor Khan.

Enforcement activity

Question No: 2016/4537

Caroline Pidgeon

Please publish a table showing a breakdown of arrests, prosecutions and other actions taken during 2016  by TfL's Enforcement and On-street Operations Directorate relating to the following offences: (a) Touting or unlawful plying for hire, (b) Unlicensed drivers or vehicles being allocated a booking by an operator, (c) Damaged, missing or fake identifiers, and (d) Poor vehicle condition.

Written response from the Mayor

TfL’s Enforcement and On-street Operations team act in a civil capacity as the Taxi and Private Hire sector’s licensing and regulatory body in the capital.


TfL does not have the power to arrest, but works closely with the MPS and the City of London Police (CoLP) to tackle criminal activity.


TfL funds the MPS/CoLP Cab Enforcement Unit and carries out joint operations with them.


The results of TfL’s enforcement activities are below. Please note that arrests and the vast majority of prosecutions are carried out by the police. The figures for unlicensed drivers or vehicles will take more time to compile and I have asked TfL to provide these to you as soon as possible.

* A warning letter states that a driver’s licence will be removed if they do not cease the activity in question. 


**An unfit notice is an order not to use a vehicle until it has been passed as fit, and can result in licence withdrawal if fitness is not proven.



Question No: 2016/2959

Caroline Pidgeon

In answer to question 2016/187 you stated: "TfL did however obtain assurances from Uber directly, prior to the launch of UberPool that services would be provided within the legal and regulatory framework. TfL specifically asked for, and was provided with, assurances in relation to public safety, vehicle insurance and information sharing."  Please publish the documentation and other information relating to the exact requests made by TfL and the information that Uber provided to TfL.

Written response from the Mayor

I have asked TfL to write to you directly about this.

Wheelchair accessible private hire vehicles (1)

Question No: 2016/3554

Caroline Pidgeon

What is the percentage of private hire vehicles licensed in London that are wheelchair accessible?

Written response from the Mayor

As it is not a statutory requirement for private hire vehicles to be wheelchair accessible, TfL has not historically recorded this information but it did start recording this from January 2016 when vehicles were presented for inspection at one of their vehicle inspection centres.


From 2 January 2016 to 15 July 2016, 237 wheelchair-accessible private hire vehicles were inspected out of a total of 49,136 private hire vehicle inspections.