Friday, November 11, 2016

Free Advertising On All Taxis : Is The Trade Being Mugged Off ?

The headline says it all, are we being mugged off with the TfL mandate of credit card acceptance?

Look at they way it's been implemented:
  • Only certain providers have given a carte blanche 
  • This select few will be able to charged the driver whatever they want in the future with no guarantees. 
  • Drivers are being forced to sign a lengthy contract or lay out hundreds of pounds to use an independent machine that could soon be obsolete if TfL mandate meter connectivity.
  • Many small business refuse to accept Amex but we're told we have to.

Anyway my attention has been drawn to the stickers that TfL insist that we have to have in our taxis!
Why are TfL insisting we display various commercial logos on a public information notice. 
Are we not advertising Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners club? 

If this is the case, why are we letting them advertise on our (or the proprietors) property free of charge ? 

I believe we should be contacting these companies and demanding they pay each vehicles owner a payment for the ads , let's say...£1000 pa would be fair. 
Someone somewhere is getting paid by these companies and in my personal opinion, I wouldn't mind betting TfL are in receipt of a nice little earner. 

I know the ITV's successful soap Emmerdale, are paid to advertise contactless payments. Watch next time someone buys something in the cafe or shop with signage prominent in all the shots.

What we display on our vehicles should be our own personal choice, not some TfL manager or TfL Board Member with a conflict of interest. 

If TfL are going to insist we have to have these advertisement style stickers under conditions of fitness, then we should be paid in the same way drivers with super sides or drop down seat adverts are paid.

Would any proprietor let four massive global companies advertise in four prominent places in their Taxis forever more, free of charge ?

Would TfL let us advertise our Taxi apps on the sides of their buses, or on their underground rolling stock, free of charge ?


Why do these signs contain the wording "This taxis NOW accept credit and debit card payments"?
I was taking card payments when Leon Daniels was still working at the bus garage, before the disastrous decision to create TfL was even on the horizon.

It's all smoke and mirrors, spin and PR. 
We are portrayed as the 'awkward squad', the reason is's because we've  exposed their flawed and questionable decisions, the biased treatment of us and it seems every other PH operator except the infamous 'Dear Jo' one.

I think Khan and Shawcross just thought we were exaggerating when they came to office, they are now like rabbits,p caught  in the headlights about what to do over the ingrained attitude at TfL who believe they are beyond accountability.

We need to keep up the pressure, on and on and on. 
Eventually the dam will burst.