Thursday, November 24, 2016

An Offer From 'The Cab Driver' That Shouldn't Be Ignored.

This month saw another taxi protest that was not as well covered by the media as it could have been.

Several drivers have told us that over a number of these protests, they have had other drivers approached them in an angry fashion, asking them why they were working and not joining in with the protest.

The simple reason (they say) is because they didn't know about the protest. 

'The Cab Driver' understands their view, if they are not followers of social media and don't frequent taxi establishments such as green huts or the eating places used by cab drivers, then it's quite possible not to be in the 'taxi driver loop'.

Social media is a great way of getting messages around and no trade paper, especially one that comes out every two weeks, can come anywhere near social media for speed. But the trade needs to understand, we are missing a large section of the target market.

Releases to the trade press before a protest, with bullet points of what the protest is about, would also enable all drivers involved to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

Some trade organisations were telling reporters that we were protesting about Uber! Yet one driver on the radio stated "it's not about Uber, we are protesting about the incompetence of TfL".

The whole trade needs to be on the same page. 

We at Cab Drivers would be happy to publish details of these proceedings as other trade papers would too no doubt.