Saturday, October 01, 2016

TfL Treats Veteran Cabby With 58 Years Service Deplorably.


I thought you might like to know the high esteem that TFL hold for the London cabbies.

I decided to retire from driving a cab in London after 58 years ( I got my badge in 1958 ), so I wrote to TFL to inform them expecting to get a polite letter back asking for the return of my licence, and what do I get.

I received a letter DEMANDING I returned my licence or action would be taken against me.
Not only that, they got my licence wrong and classed it as a private hire licence.

So after 58 years you get brushed aside with an insult.

Editorial Comment: 

Dear Dennis
Over the last few of years, some of my oldest and closest friends, each with well over half a century's service have also retired, with not so much as a thank you from TfLTPH. 

This is disgraceful behaviour from our licensing authority and as you say shows the low esteem they have for our extended service.
On behalf of my colleagues in the London Licensed Taxi Trade, I would like to personally thank you, for the 58 years of devoted service you've given to the traveling public in our great city.

Here's hoping you enjoy every minute of your well earned retirement.  

Jim Thomas
Taxi Leaks.