Friday, September 16, 2016

TfL And The Mayor, To Lobby Government For Statutory Definition Of Plying For Hire.

Can't believe the orgs haven't made more from the statement put out by @TfLTPH 32 hours ago. 

Apparently, the Mayor's Action  Plan page 13 far right hand column says;
TfL and the Mayor of London will be lobbying Government for a statutory definition of Plying For Hire

On page 13 of the Mayors Action Plan, under the general heading " Lobbying for additional powers", it states: 

A statutory definition of plying for hire and pre-booked services – as the law stands, plying for hire is difficult to prove and requires significant enforcement resources. 

While we will continue to enforce to the full extent of our ability, along with the Mayor we are firmly of the view that a statutory definition of plying for hire and pre-booked services will remove ambiguity and clearly define the difference between taxi and private hire services, maintaining the two-tier system

Isn't this exactly what the RMT wanted all along ?

Images from Taxi And Private Hire Action Plan 2016.

It certainly looks like the orgs never bothered reading the publication through when it was launched. 
It's no secret they all got embargoed copies before the launch, so would of had plentry of time to read through. 

The only mention of defining plying for hire on social media I've seen so far, was a retweet on the LCDC Twitter account.

Mind you, to be fair, the LTDA did email their members but were probably too busy tweeting pictures of their AddVan and Marshals to put this out publically. 

Should be very interesting to see what Uber AM, (sorry meant City Am) have to say about this, as it could crush Uber's operating platform if (and that's a big if) it goes our way.

So, why the silence from the Orgs???