Friday, September 02, 2016

Make Your Own Arrangement For Credit Card greenbadgejohn

It is so clear the conclusively derived dissent which is bubbling up within this trade will eventually explode on the streets of our capital, We all knew how poor the ideology behind compulsory fitting of a Card reader in the passenger compartment of a taxi (whatever model or make)

And after Alan Fleming's post on taxi leaks surrounding the safety issues (read his posting) it beggars belief that a licencing authority does not understand the ramifications in those safety problems and demonstrates in the clearest terms yet how the three wise monkeys came to the decision it did.

If you feel your org or union isn't representing your best interest, stop paying memberships fees! 
Only pay for legal/livelihood cover as those who say they represent you clearly do not. This mandate chaos would have been a dead duck from the very start if brains instead of coercion were the honest processes used ... instead self interests have rule here 100%.

Why is there no pre-validation software in any of the approved Card readers? Are we vetted crooks who cannot be trusted? 
As we are on offer from the first inch of the fare to the finish, and the four dodgy passengers with a potential stolen card have no prior checks made until the service has been supplied unlike uber who use approved surge pricing...all paid in advance... You will be knocked and why? .. Ask TFL, their answer will be hilarious to anyone but you!

Buy yourself a paypal card reader, keep it separate and use it particularly to validate any card you are suspicious about (as any hotel in the whole world does) as credit cards are only valid if you are paid... otherwise they are useless.

Paypal will set you up an account for business (free set up) and you buy the cheapest 'personal' equipment for yourself & call your own business shots and do the advance checks yourself (as a sole trader) not as a taxi driver, why?, because your own Authority has failed dismally to equally protect your interests as it has done for the passenger as it claims under TFL's own statement "Every Journey Matters" but not bothered if you get paid for it.

Remember too, Join the coming drive ins and expose our grief to the media. Publicise TFL's complete cock up by over involvement in card reader choice. We all know and understand the benefits of having card acceptability... just not at any cost including our personal security and theft by deception.

Be Lucky

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Editorial Comment:
Please remember, othe suitable handheld CC readers are available at similar price, terms and conditions.