Monday, September 26, 2016

Lee Ward Comments On The Deregulation By Stealth Article.

How many more times are we going to see reports like this that show exactly how the old laws and the Deregulation Act are flawed in this new age ?

To not have a knowledge test because we have the use of Sat Nav's is plain stupid, would they let me go and repair their central heating boiler because I have the information on YouTube ? 
Like hell they would... 
So why allow a driver to drive them or their family around while concentrating on a Sat Nav instead of on the road ?

I believe that a steering committee should be made to attack this issues "Nation Wide" and get the MP's to sit up and listen to this trade, the usual Unions only dilute the issue while attempting to get the kudos for what they try to achieve.

Editorial Comment. 
There are many trade unions in the UK. What do they do when face with problems that could wipe them out....they go to the TUC - The Trade Union Congress.

It time we had a National Trade Congress.