Thursday, September 22, 2016

Is the tail wagging the dog? A Message From The UCG To Helen Chapman.

Taxi Leaks Editorial Comment :

Strong words from UCG vice chairman Trevor Merralls.

This is exactly what the drivers want to hear.

But we also want to hear this from all our representative orgs who take our hard earned money in subscriptions.

All this crap we've had about Credit Cards and where to site the PED reader, is not for anyone's benefit, it's been hyped up to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves, while Uber's Licence is renewed with as little fuss early next year. 

And it's working extremely well...

The trade can no longer afford to sit back and wait, the trade needs to fight. 

We want our orgs united in this fight....and to fight for us the drivers. 

No longer fighting each other for a place at the engagement table or a seat on TfL's board. This tribal mentality has bought us to the jaws of defeat, and it needs to stop before we are wiped out completely.

We want a public inquiry, and we want it now. 

An inquiry into Uber's cozy relationship with certain TfL officials. Plus, let's not forget the damage that was done by the ones who have moved on.

We want these people bought to justice and yes, we want this NOW. 


Jim Thomas.