Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PayPal's Neat Solution To The Credit Card Mandate : Unit Fitted In TX4... By Jim Thomas.

Last night at the KXTC Camley Street, Mike Smith showed me his newly fitted rear compartment PayPal cradle. Apparently once you have the contactless unit, the total cost of cradle, printer and all the fittings is around £219 plus VAT. 

The unit was fitted at MAM electrical, unit 9 Mitre Way W8 (opposite ComCab's office), where he was charged £84 inclusive of VAT. Mike said he was really impressed at the standard of workmanship and how helpful this company was. If you would like to book a fitting at MAM, phone 020 7607 3915 for an appointment. 

Best attribute of this fitment is that you can take the unit out at night to discourage theft. But also you can use the unit  should you wish, with any of the other CC clearance companies who use this model. 

As you don't have to sign a contract you can just use the system that suits you the best. PayPal, iZettle and CabApp currently have the lowest transaction charges around 2.75%.

Another bonus with this system is the rear view is not impaired in any way, unlike the larger CC machines that block the view between the rear headrests. 

Mike has accounts and units with both PayPal and iZettle, so if there's a problem with one, he can just replace it with the other. Unfortunately this setup has not been approved in either MetroCab or Vito Taxis. Another woeful mess from TfLTPH. 

Under 5 weeks to go to the deadline and they the whole CC situation is in still in chaos.