Wednesday, August 17, 2016

No, No, No....We Can't Stand For This.....Where Is The Representation We Pay For

When the promised dream turns into a nightmare...part 3

This is completely unacceptable. No other business in London has to cease trading, because of a CC Machines malfunction.  

There are over 3225 cash machines in the London, the passenger can use the nearest one on there journey rout. 

This new revelation from the TfLTPH account, confirming what we all thought, is a step too far. This has to be challenged immediately by ALL our trade orgs.

It's a dot on the card that the new benign, compliance foot soldiers, who are powerless to deal with private hire, will be out in force on ranks checking to see if your machine is in working order. 

When CC equipment suppliers applied for TfL authorisation, why wasn't 24hr service centres part of the criteria? 

This is a complete madness and poorly thought through. What happends over bank holidays and Xmas etc? Are we expected to just stop working?

The statement that there is nothing they can do as in Steve McNamara's words "It's a done deal" is not a good enough answer.


TfLTPH have now stated on Twitter that only one TfL approved device is permitted in our vehicles. This is so ridicules, it's like TfL stating we can only give £5 notes as change. Is this the straw that will finally spark the a United Taxi trade representative groups into action? 

From passed performance, I wouldn't hold your breath, but just keep paying into their retirement funds.

Is it just's seems uncanny that while TfLTPH were rushing out PHV licenses in the past without the correct insurance being in place, bending over backwards to licence and keep licensed a company that clearly has been compromised on many aspects of conditions of fitness of a PH operator (let's not forget the on off insurance and land line statements from Leon Daniels), our licensing authority appears to have been doing it's best to prevent licensed Taxi drivers from working.

We've had the licence renewal scandal, unprecedented badge, bill and identifier checks and now this Credit Card equipment mess. It appears TfL are doing their best to give their "special partners" a greater opotunity to capture a bigger slice of our work.