Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Who Said Demos Don't Work? : St Pancras, Finally Gets Double Yellow Lines, Double Kerb Chevrons....by Jim Thomas

Last night, under cover of darkness, Camden Council's roads and highways department painted the new double yellow lines including double chevrons on the kerbside at the St Pancras Station drop off. 

The council team turned up complete with warden, moved off all the illegally plying for hire minicabs and painted the promised double yellow lines. Amazingly, some minicabs were reluctant to move, some vehicles were parked with no driver present and so a removal truck was called for. 

After the job was successfully carried out, many minicabs were returning, so the truck stayed behind. Car drivers were informed if they didn't move off, they would be lifted and taken away by Camden Council. 

This new trial has come after months of serious negotiation on behalf of the trade, by the Mayfair Mob's ranks and highways team. St Pancras drop off was bought to the notice of the council after a 5 day demo was called by Dads Defending Daughters and the Mayfair Mob, heavily supported by the RMT and the drivers from all orgs who turned up en masse for the five days to support the action.