Thursday, July 28, 2016

MANDATE ON CREDIT CARDS, Deadline Approaches And Its All Gone A Bit Jim Thomas.

Back in February this year, the chair of the London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC) Grant Davis made a very bold statement, which was published in their newspaper, "The Badge".

Mr Davis said:
Whilst the trade is united in accepting the need for us to take credit cards, there is some disunity as to how this strategy will be implemented.

The majority of taxi drivers who already take credit cards and the app companies, who already process cards, are very concerned with TfL proposals for fixed units tied to the metre.

Unfortunately, at the meetings the LTDA is the only Org in favour of this proposal (it's a done deal isn't it Steve-JT). 
Let me make it clear, the LCDC will in no way be dictated to by TfL, yet again, as to what we can and cannot do in this issue.

To implement more costs which include brackets, electrical work connecting the metre, etc. at a time when the trade is fighting for its life is utter madness.

If need be, the LCDC are prepared, with others, to instigate legal action if they try to go ahead and impose this on us.

Grant Davis 

On the London Taxi Drivers Forum:
Many drivers are giving their unqualified verdict that TfL can't do this, can't do that.
Well TfL will be doing this, and they will be doing that.
And it appears no one is doing a thing to stop them.

We've been informed on Twitter (by TfL @TfLTPH) that the mandate is perfectly legal because Leon Daniels has signed off the following London Cab Order regarding the acceptance of Credit/debit cards.


As the deadline approaches, not a word on the LCDC's United trade's legal action. 
To be fair, the LTDA's Steve McNamara went on record saying 
"nothing can be done, it is a done deal".
Yes, looks like we've all been done......again.

Who can forget the wonderful offer of a 15 year age limit, made to Mayor Boris Johnson on our behalf by this mob.

How many full time working cab drivers can you see?
Apparently Grant Davis was there, but didn't want to be in the same room as Brian Rice 

Unfortunately, our representative org's lack of action, is not confined to one issue:
• No landline for Uber bookings !
• No Uber bookings !
• Licence renewals fiasco !
• Leon's lies to the GLA, on off insurance and Jo Bertram's personal phone number given by Leon, as Ubers public booking line !
• We then had Leon's Ubergate Email's !
• Operation no one !
• Then Uber in court saying on oath, "the company doesn't take bookings, bookings are taken by drivers in car" !

To top this, the sexual assaults and rape statistics, gained by Freedom of Information Request, were dumbed down on the LTDA AdVan, to appease TfL.

And now silence from our org leaders who all know what's happened to Leon, but no ones willing to say anything.

And now, this below, picked up by #SaveTaxi Facebook group.


                  Breaking news: 
'Rear Fitted CC Machines Required, But Unnecessary'.
It's just been confirmed by the LTDA that although you will have to have CC machines fitted in the rear, you won't be forced to use them. Hand held devices can still be used.

How long will equipment suppliers stand the cost of fitting machines in vehicles, where drivers are not using them. 
It will just encourage the companies to charge a high monthly rental....more expense, when we can least afford to pay it. 
And you won't be able to claim the expense back from the customer.

It just doesn't add up
This whole issue has been handled diabolically from the start, I'll thought out by our representative orgs, with TfL taking no notice of its own consultation results.