Friday, July 15, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks From The Vito Taxi Club. A question that deserves an answer???

Great work by all you guys, you are a credit to the trade.

I would like an answer from the government & TfL to the question I have asked Val & both Mayors for some time.

Why did George Osbourne working then as Chancellor of the Exchequer pressure BJ to accept a US tax dodging billionaires dangerous minicab app into London as admitted to Val Shawcross under her questioning at a GLA meeting?

Uber got into London via dubious orders from at least one obviously dubious senior government official so it should be ejected upon examination of the dangerous distracting SatNav & phone app interaction modus operandi of this business model.

Our streets are littered with the car wrecks of distracted PH drivers & Londons A&E depts deal with the consequences on a daily basis.

Why have our trade unions & reps not insisted on an answer to this ?

I applaud Val for asking the right question, but when answered by BJ why did she not follow it up & pursue it to its obvious conclusion..........corruption right to the top, & attempted crucifixion of the licensed trade. 


Today's special video from London Taxi Benevolent Association For War Disabled