Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Question We'd All Like An Answer To ... by Tom Scullion.

I know we have a wide audience here from Tfl, MP's and others involved with the surface transport industry, what I cannot understand is why Tfl have not revoked Uber's operators license? 

Let's explore :

The reported alleged sexual assaults and rapes by one company.

The amount of crashes from one company.

The total lack of driver criminal checks from one company.

The complete lack of fleet management in terms of insurance from one company.

Question :
If Tfl are to be taken seriously, please explain why they allow "One company" to ignore the rules and ride roughshod over every regulation in the book?

Could it be the 40,000 license fees from this one company, blinkers their vision?
Is it £'s over principles?
Who knows, but one thing I am sure of, if any other PHV operator acted is this manner they would be closed down within 24 hours.

Why the favoritism ?

Be lucky

Tom Scullion

Space is available on this blog should TfL wish to explain their actions....or non-actions