Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jo Bertram Quits Twitter, Over Alleged Abuse From Taxi Drivers.

Uber’s UK boss claims she's been forced to quit Twitter after being bombarded with sexist and abusive messages from taxi drivers. Bertram claimed the attacks have included one angry cabbie saying he hoped she would “get run over by a Toyota Prius”, while others have criticised her appearance including one who said she looked like Jimmy Savile. 

How terrible! But not quite as life shattering as some young ladies, who have been sexually attacked and raped by Ms Bertram's Uber drivers!

The executive, who is in charge of the minicab app across the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia, spoke about the abuse today at a “powerful women” conference being held in central London. Funny though, she never spoke about the abused of the 32 victims included in the freedom of information request, plastered over the add van, seen nightly around central London!

Ms Bertram told the Fortune Most Powerful Women event at Holborn’s Rosewood Hotel that she now gets staff to check her Twitter account as she cannot face logging into it herself. 

She was quoted as telling the audience: “If you are going to make changes there is always going to be someone who doesn’t like that change.” The biggest change in her industry is the increase of over 50% in incidents of minicab driver related rape and serious sexual assaults, reaching a record high of 154 from February 2015 to February 2016. 

She added: “Unfortunately it is probably a small group who are not representative of the group at large or the industry at large but it is important to remember that it is not personal.”

Perhaps Jo would now like to address another group of invited guests at a lavish sponsored evening at the Rosewood Hotel, namely the victims and close family members who were raped and sexual assaulted by her drivers. Perhaps she can explain what she means by the term "collateral damage".

Uber has faced frequent criticism from London’s black cab drivers, with many blaming the mobile phone app for harming business and increasing congestion on the capital’s roads.

It's clear as day that this latest stage manager speech from Ms Bertram is purely a PR exercise. It come a day after one of the firm’s own drivers called for UberPool service to be banned, after a young lady passengers was attacked by two male passengers who did not want to share their journey. 

Actually @jo_bertram Twitter account is still up and running. I've gone over the last 8 days tweets to this account and have found no abusive tweets, other than people complaining about Uber’s poor service and customer relations. 

Instead of quitting Twitter over a few tweets, perhaps Jo should consider quitting Uber over her companies woeful recorded on passenger sexual attacks.

So Jo Bertram quits Twitter...........Hmmm lets see,  32 sexual assaults including rape in vehicles used as part of the uber's service......or facing abuse on twitter........which one is the more serious and which one has been supressed ?

Twitter abuse should never happen nor be condoned but the wider issue here is why are public safety issues being ignored by the media instead of this tripe?

I would love to meet with her on live radio or tv and discuss this with her live on air.....

I'm putting out a challenge to this woman:
"Meet me anytime on TV or Radio, without any prepared questions and face me. Defend your position in relation to how you find the abuse you have suffered on Twitter, far more important than the victims of sexual abuse by your firms contractors.....if you have the courage to do so".