Monday, June 13, 2016

D-Day For The Taxi Trade. Trevor Merralls Speech, UCG AGM 6th June 2016.


The End Of The Three Amigos 
The United Cabbies Group have smashed the cartel that has kept the Licensed Taxi trade divided for the past six years and kicked the engagement policy into touch. Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched back on.


In a bid to save face, the usual suspects, will be queuing up for photo opportunities, with smiles like Cheshire cats. As soon as certain GLA members or a Deputy Mayor stands still, out will come a camera phone.

The exclusiveness of the 'United Trade Group' is now a thing of the past.
The UTG member orgs, agreed to and backed up the policy which saw other trade groups excluded, to the detriment of the trade. This must never happen again. 
If you ignore mistakes of the past, you are at risk of repeating them.

Two of the three constituent orgs, accepted terms and conditions of entry, that they themselves didn't meet. Plus we also had to endure eight wasted years of the LTDA's General Secretary on the board of TfL. 

'United Trade Group', a cruel joke, or just the worst description ever!

Far from Uniting, the engagement policy kept the trade divided. 
Un-minuted meetings where time after time, our so called representatives continually rolled over to TfL's proposals.

Years of weak representation has given rise to new, more militant groups, as drivers took it upon themselves to organise and take on campaigns, the UTG had long since given up on. 

We've seen the rise of the RMT, UCG, the Mayfair Mob, the Shoreditch Mob, Dads Defending Daughters, plus the 'SaveTaxi' Facebook group (14,500 members).

A victory for common sense.
This major victory by the UCG, on behalf of the whole trade, will see the capitulates having their power base stripped away. At last, the pages of engagement policy are being fed into the shredder where they've always belonged.
For the first time in six long years, all representative groups will be included in the mayors new open door policy. No more elitism, no more exclusions.

Now the fun begins as the dirty tricks brigade from discredited groups, open fake Twitter and Facebook accounts. These keyboard warriors, will troll through social media platforms, trying to discredit anyone and everything that's positive. Using anonymity, their vile attacks will be aimed at keeping the trade fragmented, playing right back into the hands of those who would scheme to destroy us. 

I read this sentence posted on a Facebook group yesterday morning:

'It's not only TfL that needs a clear out, our org's and unions could do with one also'.

Sometimes the solutions are so simple, we overlook them.

Vice Chairman Trevor Merralls, talking about Uber Bristol, UCG AGM 6th June 2016, another video not to be missed.


Videos from Support Black Taxis YouTube channel.