Sunday, May 08, 2016

Uber Cease Operations In Austin Texas, After Losing Vote On Finger Print Background Checks.

Ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft are to cease operations in Austin, Texas, after losing a vote over required fingerprint background checks for drivers.

The rival companies said they plan to shut down their services on Monday 9th May 2016, after voters in the Texas capitol rejected Proposition 1, a measure that would have exempted drivers from required fingerprinting as part of checks into their backgrounds. Lyft said the vote will make it harder for part-time drivers to offer rides in the city.

"We have to take a stand for a long-term path forward that lets ridesharing continue to grow across the country, and will pause operations in Austin on Monday, May 9," Lyft said in a statement. 

"Disappointment does not begin to describe how we feel about shutting down operations in Austin," Uber said in a statement.

The vote comes amid growing concern for the safety of passengers on ride-hailing services. In the past two years, Uber has been dogged by allegations of drivers assaulting, raping and kidnapping passengers.

Last month, Uber agreed to pay as much as $25 million to settle a lawsuit in California that accused the ride-hailing company of misleading consumers about safety.

Editorial Comment :

Questions begs to be asked;

What is it that Uber are so scared to find out about their work force, through finger print background checks?

Just what is it they seek to hide?

Why would a TfL top officer seek to protect this company in London?

Sign the vote of no confidence in Loeon Daniels.

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Anonymous said...

Daniels is a criminal; every individual cc'd on the offending email is complicit with the corruption... a full Public Inquiry is required NOW. #sadiqkhan... No more corruption.

Printing Cafe said...

I think we should stop using UBER for ever and start using More taxi.

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Anonymous said...

are the police investigating?

colin said...

Finger print check's in London please??