Thursday, May 12, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks : We Must Keep The Ball Tom Scullion

A plea to the London Taxi drivers and supporters.

 We need to get the message out there, we have over  5,000 drivers who have signed the vote of no confidence in Leon Daniels, this is a great start but it still only represents 20% of London's Black cab drivers! 

The last thing we want to hear is the new mayor saying to us that only a small number of drivers are unhappy with Leon Daniels! 

Please, please encourage all Black cab drivers you know to sign this form, all it requires is a name and badge number to validate the vote, if you know a driver that doesn't use social media or doesn't have access to a computer simply get their permission and fill in the form for them! 

It is extremely important that we remove Leon Daniels from his highly paid position as Director of surface transport, as this man has personally overseen the demise of the best taxi service in the world! 

Well here's our chance to kick him where it hurts, let's put pressure on Sadiq Khan and let him know we have had enough! 

Please click on the link below and keep the ball rolling! 

If ever Org, manufacture, and trade associated business's including the radio circuits, Apps, livery company's etc. could share the link above via SMS, email or in print on drivers statements, or the trade press, this would broadcast our intent to bring the wrong doers to book.

Tfl saw our failed efforts to take them to task on the Judicial review as a sign of weakness and disharmony within our trade, now we know the truth that Tfl conspired and colluded with several PHV companies, with the sole intention of killing off the London's trades exclusive right to ply for hire. 

It's time to fight back, 30 seconds of your time can and will make the difference.

Be lucky 

Tom Scullion

Time is running out for those who have acted against the Interests of the Taxi trade.


Anonymous said...

A 5000 driver response, no matter what the trade does to fight to save its existance its only the usual 5000 that respond. Is because not everyone has there ear to the ground or just dont want to participate. I believe its more the former than the latter.

Anonymous said...

Load of bollocks. The LCDC have the emails you have been using. Apart from using the emails to promote their chip wrapper for recruitment perposes, just what is the LCDC'S strategy?

They ain't got one!

Anonymous said...

The plan is to use the emails as a bartering chip for hand held CC machines.

Daniels keeps his job, Captain Brainfart strkes again!

Bobs yer uncle, Fanny's yer aunt.
Another new headline for the Badge, and a shed load of newsprint for the fish bar in Ruislip Manor.

Anonymous said...

The LCDC brag on twitter they have lines of communication at TFL to resolve licence renewal issues. This same line of communication is rumoured to be the source of the leaked emails. The silent assasin strikes again!