Friday, May 06, 2016

Vote Of No Confidence In Leon Daniels Plus, Letter To Editor : Large Cracks Appearing In TfL's Armour.

Leon Daniels Caught Assisting UBER to word their communications to the public so as to mislead.

Leon Daniels is no stranger to controversy, in fact we in the UCG have long had no confidence in his ability to conduct his role as the Director of surface transport strategy.

He will have been instrumental in the chaos and gridlock that London has become, he believes that Private Hire can purchase "On-Off" hire and reward insurance, we checked with the MIB and no such policy exists.

He insists that Ubers Meter, isn't a meter and appointed a barrister to fight like the sugar plum fairy in court to prove he done nothing wrong when Uber were licensed and TfL never even bothered to check it's operating methodology, so we have the absurd and ridiculous ruling that a device used for time and distance measurement isn't a meter.

He told the GLA that Uber were only required to have a landline on the day they applied for a license as an operator. Which frankly is just laughable if it wasn't so serious.

The process of removing John Mason was started by a vote of no confidence by the Private Hire industry, now it's our turn to remove Leon Daniels by starting the process with a vote of no confidence

We call on the new Mayor that "If Leon Daniels is not removed from post 7 days after this vote of no confidence is submitted, the UCG will bring London to a standstill"

Click HERE to register your vote of no confidence in Leon Daniels 

and call for the new mayor to remove him from post.


Letter To Editor: From Winston Long .

So yesterday was interesting! 

We now have two bits of ammunition, firstly obviously the emails! 
And also the Twitter convo with Jackie Ryder and TFL.

 If anyone missed this it was TFL saying they will start requiring h/r insurance from PH at point of licensing from.... Wait for it.... 31st May!!! 

Plus this is only for new licensees!!
Believe it or not, they haven't decided a date when they will require existing drivers to have it in place. 

All this needed was an email to testing stations to implement immediately.
Today, we have a new Mayor and he will have a huge workload, I don't imagine for one minute we will be anywhere near the top of the pile on his list of to do's.

So here's my point... 
Why don't we put ourselves at the top of that list? 

For once TfL have a large crack in their armour so let's exploit it.

Here comes the wishful thinking part! 

Imagine if all the orgs (LTDA, LCDC, RMT, Unite, UCG, HADTU, Suburban Drivers Alliance) sat down together with the SaveTaxi girls, Dads Defending Daughters, The Mayfair Mob and all together backed one major demo, 10-15k drivers plus wives/partners all with one message, 
'demanding a public inquiry into TFL and the immediate resignation of Daniels', one clear message! 

And if we don't get what we want, then we do it again, and again... 

And if the orgs can't/won't sit round a table together just a commitment to promote the demo jointly

Winston Long:



Anonymous said...

Is this the best a trade org can offer, is this the best several committee brains can come up with, a poxy survey? Trade orgs want more and more members to supply them with more and more money, but they haven’t got a clue what to do, or how to spend the subscriptions.

As it appears, evidence had emerged that suggest TFL senior managers are guilty of colluding with a company in a conspiracy to manipulate and obfuscate licensing regulations to side step existing regulations. This is corrupt, improper and gross misconduct in public office, which is a criminal offence!

It matters not WHO the Mayor for London will be later today, and it doesn’t make sense to wait and see what he intends to do. If an offence can be proved, legal advice should be sought IMMEDIATELY, and a complaint made to the police.

The Mayor would have no choice, he will have to deal with the issue – the police will have to investigate and report any criminal activity to the CPS. The Mayor would almost definitely call for an inquiry into the running of TFL.

As it stands, Leon Daniels and several others are bang to rights, and an ex employee is hopping around on twitter bricking it that the enquiry he thought would never happen, is now becoming a reality.

If a police complaint is made and they decide to investigate, it would be wise to make sure that a police force outside of London does the investigation.

Forget about your polls, writing to TFL and asking them to explain. Forget about waiting to see who the new mayor will be. Stop pussy footing around and spend some of that mouldy subscription money you are sitting on. Get down the solicitors office for advice and force something to happen.

Cap in hand is not an option!

Anonymous said...

Well said, no more of the usual dilly dallying. It's time to polish our boots on TFL's backside. Get in there!

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing, all of these finger shuffling twitter keyboard warriors who have no strategies beyond a cheap headline;or nothing better to do than perpetuate their obsession with their egotistical agenda. Non of them can be bothered or have a clue how to take TFL. The are too busy worrying that they can no longer part their hair; and if the 6000 people following them have noticed.

Is it any surprise we always get f*#ked over ZZZzzzz.

Dizzy Disgruntled said...

This Petition (Not a Survey) is the first bullet in the gun.

Sadiq Khan will have the opportunity to avoid serious agro.

Should he decline then we will hit him hard!

And what's stopping YOU making a complaint?

Or are you one of these moaners expecting everyone else to do the donkey work?

Are you even in a trade org?

Anonymous said...

You might as well ask for a consultation !!! Look wher that got us, we have to strike when the iron is hot, not next week, next month, or whenever conditions prevail .......... NOW !

therealjonnieofbrixton jonnieveal said...

Emergency meeting with Mayor Khan a priority.Highlight the way forward that is workable..Unless we have a new approach it will be more of the same..We also have to look prefer one new org...NO McNamara /Oddy..One black cab new PR company working for us only...and various modern ideas which the public will finally understand..Simply putting 30 quid a month from EVERY cab driver could be a start...or roll over and die..

Anonymous said...

Who's on first base?

Anonymous said...

Gun to head, hit him hard, serious agro - Alienate the trade from the Mayor in less than two weeks, priceless. That's not a strategy it's a calamity!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dizzy, would you like an introduction to the new Mayor?