Monday, May 16, 2016

Leon Daniels Calls Urgent Meeting With Taxi Trade Orgs.

We have received information, from an extremely reliable source, that Leon Daniels is calling to be allowed to attend meeting with all trade orgs, when they meet the new mayor later this week! 

Our source states all trade orgs, but what they actually mean is, only those trade orgs whom TfL allow to sit at their table. 
The UCG, RMT, HADTU, and the LSTC Suburban Drivers Coalition, of course are excluded. 

There has been a wealth of information made public which appears to have put Managing Director Leon Daniels' future with TfL in a precarious position. 
We applaud the LCDC for publishing the Ubergate Emails. 
The fact that Daniels has asked to attend the meeting looks to all intent and purpose to be an eleventh hour bid to pour calming oil on the troubled waters. 

Let's hope that if this meeting goes ahead, those attending will insist that minutes of this meeting and any future meeting with TfL be made available to the whole trade, soon after the meeting. 

Drivers from all orgs and unions are calling for the current unfair exclusions, to be dropped as soon as possible by new Mayor Sadiq Khan. For too long, TfL officials have been able to choose which factions of the trade they meet, with more militant groups left out in the cold. 

Inclusion to the Cabbies Cabinet has been used as a bargaining tool and held over the heads of the United trade group members for too long. This fact alone, seemingly gives TfL the edge at face to face, in camera consultations.

Breaking News:
It's now been confirmed that the meeting between the trade and the new Mayor has been scheduled for Wednesday. More news as we get it.

News just in:

We've been told that the Taxi trade's meeting with Sadiq Khan and Mike Brown was initiated by TfL. Apparently, invitations went out three weeks ago.

A year and a half ago, the GLA published the Future Proof Report.
Recommendation 18 stated:
By March 2015, TfL should revise its driver engagement activity to ensure that it is as widely representative as possible, and improve the transparency of taxi and private hire policy and decision making processes by routinely publishing the minutes of meetings with the trades.

This was posted today on the London Taxi Drivers Forum, by the Vice chair of the UCG. 
"A request for an invitation was submitted to the Transport Commissioner last week by myself on behalf of the UCG, detailing the reasons why more transparency is needed in these meetings and that favouritism does little to instil confidence in the majority of taxi drivers who are not members of the orgs currently invited."

No reply as yet.......