Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Janet Street Porter Says : Cyclists Have Turned London's Democracy, Into A Dictatorship.

The wonderful city of London was once a pleasure to walk through, but it's recently been 'brought to its knees by cycling' claims Janet Street a Porter, in her film on the arrival of more segregated cycle lanes.

Cyclists get to breeze around the our city with little regard to anyone else, subject to virtually no laws governing their behaviour, with most cyclists ignoring the few laws they have.

Janet asks the question:

Why should cyclists get preferential treatment over the rest of us. 

What about pedestrians, the old, the very young, the disabled, people who may not want to or be able to cycle...don't they have rights.

Cycling in London is subject to few rules, whether it's obeying red lights or keeping off the pavement. 

And even when these cycling lanes are finally finished, cyclists won't have to use them, they can still take their chances on the open highways with the rest of us! 

Janet goes on to say she thought we lived in a democracy, but it seems cyclists have more clout than any one else. 

Isn't it about time the rest of us stood up for our rights and informed the cyclists that our roads are also for cars, lorries, buses and Taxis. 

Janet believes cyclists won't be happy till all other forms of transport are irradiated. 


Anonymous said...

Jim as we speak plans are being drawn up to scrap them as there not being used another borris balls up they where never ment for the cyclest but for driverless cars

london black driver said...

janet its tfl master plane for making money out of every body else ie oster card congestion charge psn notices and save central government funding capitaist idea funded in communist way

steve bingham said...

Totally agree with your comments. I drive a London cab to this city crippled by congestion due to the incompetent ex part time London Mayor is shameful. The new mayor needs to get a grip asap with tfl.

Graham Arno said...

Cyclists have been given their narcissistic privilege from the ex narcissistic mayor , who believes that it was all about his legacy , it was all about you boris , and he won't stop on his power driven narcissstic quest .p

spindrift said...

"even when these cycling lanes are finally finished, cyclists won't have to use them, they can still take their chances on the open highways with the rest of us! " I'm sure the author knows that some cycle lanes are more dangerous than the road, so any cyclist who shuns them is doing nothing wrong. There's an implied threat in those words, why did the writer say "take their chances", implying that the road is more dangerous when it isn't? Has the author ridden any of the CSH? Bits are great, bit's like Mile End are shocking and extremely dangerous, the road is much safer. The segregation ends shy of the junction so anyone using the cycle lane is fed into danger. Did the author of this piece know about this?

Tony Casey said...

sounds like a candidate for the first lady mayor to me ,

Anonymous said...

And having driven Janet home I can confirm the she does use Taxis

Anonymous said...

I agreed with all this.Unfortunately former Mayor Boris hasn't done anything good to improve London's traffic.We could remember so far Kens "famous bandy buses".Luckily Ken Livingston is history.What will be Boris legacy?His cycling highway?That would be a good idea and possibly in function somewhere but not in London with limited space and congested traffic.Specialy is nonsense cycling highway alongside embankment towards city.It takes commuters and business proffecionals longer than before to get to the city due to "Boris cycling highway".We can be cynical but soon we'll see a new elected Major "demolishing" cycling highway.Maybe it is going to be a good for economy.Will be employed more construction companies and created new jobs.Maybe we'll be "thankful" to Boris for his legacy.