Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Janet Street Porter Says : Cyclists Have Turned London's Democracy, Into A Dictatorship.

The wonderful city of London was once a pleasure to walk through, but it's recently been 'brought to its knees by cycling' claims Janet Street a Porter, in her film on the arrival of more segregated cycle lanes.

Cyclists get to breeze around the our city with little regard to anyone else, subject to virtually no laws governing their behaviour, with most cyclists ignoring the few laws they have.

Janet asks the question:

Why should cyclists get preferential treatment over the rest of us. 

What about pedestrians, the old, the very young, the disabled, people who may not want to or be able to cycle...don't they have rights.

Cycling in London is subject to few rules, whether it's obeying red lights or keeping off the pavement. 

And even when these cycling lanes are finally finished, cyclists won't have to use them, they can still take their chances on the open highways with the rest of us! 

Janet goes on to say she thought we lived in a democracy, but it seems cyclists have more clout than any one else. 

Isn't it about time the rest of us stood up for our rights and informed the cyclists that our roads are also for cars, lorries, buses and Taxis. 

Janet believes cyclists won't be happy till all other forms of transport are irradiated.