Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Getting The Message Out To The Rank And File....by Jim Thomas.

With total signatures nearing 5,000, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do a little bit of overtime to help the petition.

Last night I managed to get a dozen of my closest pals to sign in Camley Street, KXTC. No mean feat as the majority of my friends are in their senior years and some have been driving Taxis for over 50 years. Most are uneasy with technology. 

After a difficult half hour, trying to get them to enter their details on my iPhone, I gave up in shear frustration and went back to the old method, getting them to write their name and badge number down. I could then enter the details on their behalf at my own leisure. 

Even this turned into a mammoth task with most putting unreadable signatures -Good job I already know their names.

All in all, I viewed my evenings work as a success, so I decided to take it a step further and planned an afternoon drive into Harrow and ask the suburban drivers on the station rank for their support by signing Daniels' vote of no confidence. 

I was surprised to find, most had no knowledge of the latest events from Ubergate and the offending emails. Unbelievably, some drivers had never even heard of Leon Daniels. 

After passing round my one copy of the badge, I managed to get another 30 drivers to sign, so not a complete waste of time. 

Explaining the situation to each and every individual in turn was very time consuming. But once explained in detail, drivers were happy to give their full support.

I was surprised to find the club don't deliver the badge to the tobacconist by the rank. The local drivers only link with the trade is from the LTDA's Taxi paper. Having spoken to the manager, he informed me, he sees no problem with drivers picking up trade papers or magazines from his shop, adding he has always supported the local rank Taxis.

As this method of achieving sign ups, (clipboard collecting name and badge number) has now proved itself successful, I will be approaching even more drivers on the Mayfair and West London ranks later this evening. 

Please help me to keep this good work going: 
If you have friends who are a bit slow or unsure with tech, offer to help them fill out the petition. 
It only takes a few seconds -three ticks, your name and badge number and send- it's really that simple.

Remember the old saying : 

"If you destroy someone's life with a lie, then your life can be destroyed by the truth".

Ubergate ! Still not signed....