Thursday, May 05, 2016

Is this Leon's Daniels career ending moment?....From I'm Spartacus

A senior officer at TfL the supposedly impartial licensing authority counselling an operator to amend its PR to disguise what is acknowledged by this correspondence and the phrase 'immediate PH market' in a TfL approved report, all intended to muddy the water and protect one PH operator that's well connected politically whilst destroying others and creating a tax avoiding, low grade sweatshop.

It's like the clerk of the court whispering 'say this' to a defendant at a magistrates court, it strikes at the very heart of probity in the conduct of public affairs.

It's simple really and a large body of case law supports IF YOU DONT ACCEPT PRE BOOKINGS YOU ARE DE FACTO PLYING FOR HIRE!

We have the evidence of our own eyes at Eurostar as LTPH stand idle whilst PH breach their licence conditions also replicated all over this former fair city.

TfL has danced on the head of a pin at recent transport committee meetings and this just adds to the body of evidence that TfL is biased, it also nullifies the recent PH regulatory decision at the board and that process needs to go back for revision ASAP.

So the TfL commisioner needs to act today in regards to this revelation and the GLA need to appoint a QC to take statements from all concerned

Big question for the trade is will the LTDA join the rest of the orgs calling for this or will the board ambitions preclude that?

Remember we can only read what FOI releases, all those coffee shop get togethers are off the record.

It ain't Hillsborough or Orgreave but it's still a scandal that endangers your livelihood and the travelling public


Anonymous said...

MALFEASANCE = Wrongful conduct by a public official, the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified ,harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing ( used especially of an act in violation of public trust )

Anonymous said...

Daniels needs to be reported to police. But don't look to your trade org to do it, they'll be too buzy advetising the latest kebab shop deal in town!

Alan said...

Leon Daniels; ah yes, the man who claimed the new Routemaster was the cleanest and greenest bus of its class – or he did until 80 of them were discovered to be running on diesel generators with some 200 of them suffering from dodgy batteries.
But then again, it wasn't his money and as a former bus man, he enjoys playing the game.
Ok, so he likes buses and money is no object for that transport form – especially as it isn’t his - but he is also responsible for taxis and Santander bikes. Well, the bikes don’t do too badly either as they have more space on the roads than we do! So what about taxis... yes, what about them, because so long as Leon Daniels is with Surface Transport - and MD no less - the finest taxi service in the world is going to be sacrificed. Because, as a former bus man, he enjoys playing the game. And we are the ones who will lose so long as he is there because he doesn’t like taxis – unless they begin with a U!
I've been on every demo bar two and I honestly can't think of a single benefit we have gained because my work is steadily going down the pan. Five brilliant days at Kings Cross, but all the cars are now back so what did we actually get? I stood with 100s of drivers in Whitehall for hours demonstrating against PH plying for hire via their apps. Has anything changed? What about Trafalgar Square or Fleet Street at the trail end of 2015? What have we gained from any of them?
We have to be more subtle and aim our ire at the people causing the problems - people like Leon Daniels and Peter Hendy. Surely someone out there has some ideas other than blocking London for a day or a week or even a month... because as soon as we stop, the status quo will return...

Brian said...

'Career ending moment'......I'm praying for a freedom ending moment.

Anonymous said...

yeah - have a 100 cabs, with banners, outside Daniels home at 3:00am in the morning - they don't like it up em!