Monday, May 02, 2016

Emma To Abseil Royal London Building, In Aid Of ROYAL LONDON AIR AMBULANCE.

We're frequently asked to put our hand in our pockets, some do, some don't, some just can't afford to do it.

But this time it's slightly different. 
I would like to take this opportunity, to ask your support for Emma Martin, one of the young ladies from the #SaveTaxi group. 

Emma has given so much to our trade. She was there for us when we needed help.
Lucky to be alive, amazingly, she is still fighting our corner.

This time, Emma is asking for help to raise money for the wonderful service that saved her life.

Below is her story, please read....please donate. 

This is not my usual post, but I would really like your support! Sorry it might be a bit long but I'm sure it makes pretty interesting reading material. 

Back in October I had a serious life threatening accident in which I was saved by the amazing crew from the ROYAL LONDON AIR AMBULANCE!! 

I got crushed between my car and the house and sustained some very traumatic injuries...both lungs punctured, 11 broken ribs, broken vertebrae in my back and a broken collar bone! I was in ICU on life support and the trauma ward for 12 days at The Royal London Hospital!

I was also very well looked after (mentally) by the amazing ladies of the #SaveTaxi group, now very special people in my life, who were a godsend at all times of the day even in the early hours of the morning. (Many laughs we had especially with the amount of drugs I was on). 

It was only a couple of months later, running up and down Pancras Road in my hi viz vest, moving those U***s on, I realising how bad my severley fractured collar bone was. In January I went into surgery where I had a bone graft and metal plates inserted.

Still I wanted to do the demos and fight for the trade to try and do something! 

London is now so congested, I'm surprised that any of the Emergency Services are able to get through the sheer amount of traffic on the streets.

Which is why I want to do something, and give back to the amazing people who saved not only  my life, but many other's lives and maybe someday your's too. (Hopefully they will never have to).

So, as I am on the mend, I am going to raise funds by abseiling  down "The Royal London Building", which will be 17 floors down from the Helipad. 
I don't even know if I'm scared of heights lol!

The Air Ambulance is not Government funded and relies soley on donations
So this is where you could all help me. 

Just £5 would make a difference, but if all you have is a £1 that's fine too. Whatever I can raise, helps this amazing service which I think, is probably needed now more than ever.

If you would like to sponsor me please click on the link below and thank you so much in advance!

Stronger together! 


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