Wednesday, May 11, 2016

AskPOB Survey, On Key Issues Around Working Practises At Heathrow.

AskPOB is conducting an independent survey to establish driver opinion on key issues around Heathrow. 

AskPOB is an impartial third party, working in collaboration with trade organisations and groups, such as the LTDA, LCDC and UCG,  to reach as many licensed taxi drivers as possible.

Would you be prepared to offer capped fares to Heathrow from all London postcodes ?

 Would you be prepared to offer capped fares to all London postcodes from Heathrow ?

If a capped fare from W1 to Heathrow Terminal 2 was to be introduced, how much should it be ?

Should the local return time be reduce ? 
Should there be a dress code ?
Should there be a code of conduct administered by the trade ?

All these questions and more.

Survey finishes Monday 16th May.


Anonymous said...

The. 1st thing that needs to be sorted is the ones who back credit cards and the E14 jobs

Nicky O said...

Capped/fixed fares are great, as long as they are advertised. Whats the point in introducing them if people dont know they exist. How many customers currently know that hailo offer fixed fares to the airport?
The code of conduct is difficult, if you intorduce a clean cab policy what if it rains on the m4 then stops when you get to the feeder? It would have to be flexible and who would enforce it?
I also think the fixed/capped fares would need to be dynamic in some way, taking into account rush hour.
Im still shocked nothing is being done about the heathrow express advertising. This is our biggest problem.
If someone sees an advert for a taxi with a price greatly exagerated and then a cheaper option via a train that claims 15 minutes to central london which one will they choose? The advert is so mis leading its beyond a joke.

Anonymous said...

Unless those so called Knights of the road at Heathrow are going to do Terminal 5 to Great Cumberand Place for £30-£40, you are wasting your time!