Sunday, May 08, 2016

No Confidence Vote Update : 2,400 Sign In 24 Hours...Lets Keep It Going

I've just been advised that nearly 2400 drivers have signed the vote of no confidence in Leon Daniels in just over 24 hours, this is a great start but it still only represents 10% London's Black cab drivers! The last thing we want to hear is the new mayor saying to us that only a small number of drivers are unhappy with Leon Daniels! 

Please, please encourage all Black cab drivers you know to sign this form, all it requires is a name and badge number to validate the vote, if you know a driver that doesn't use social media or doesn't have access to a computer simply get their permission and fill in the form for them! 

It is extremely important that we remove Leon Daniels from his highly paid position as Director of surface transport, as this man has personally overseen the demise of the best taxi service in the world! 

Well here's our chance to kick him where it hurts, let's put pressure on Sadiq Khan and let him know we have had enough! 

Please sign the link below and start the ball rolling! 

Lee Osborne 

Editorial Comment on Ubergate :

Also, we mustn't forget that by CC'ing in Garret Emmerson, Peter Blake and Lisa Taylor into these emails, the fact they said nothing, implements them all in this cover up.

In old English, this email would be known as "Marking Their Card"

TfL senior staff have allegedly conspired to deconstruct our iconic industry.
It's now time for them to pay the piper.


london boy said...

The thing is when i applied to become a cab driver i had to go through a criminal record check. Are these people at the top of TFL TPH coming straight from the local prison the criminally that oozes like shit from a bad curry from TFL is mind blowing Surely the ORGS at there meetings after there coffee and custard creams must have said to each other What the fuck is going on here .Most cab drivers know when we are being sold a pup or sob story we get the hair on the back of our necks to let us know that there is a runner here ??? Are our reps brain dead do they still drive a cab Have they been got at .What the fuck has gone wrong with the orgs My 7 year old GRANDSON got a bigger pair than that lot put together .DO you know what i think Boris was right we are LUDdites we stand for it time and time again.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how true this is but I hear uber have been kicked out of Austin Texas spent 10 million on a big campaign to confuse people but have lost lol shame on you uber they leave Texas tomorrow lets hope London is the next stop for them to leave