Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Your 'avin an uber! The Law Abiders Lament: ....by I'm Spartacus.

Your 'avin an uber!
As time moves on so does slang and due to the disgusting habits of semi civilised uber drivers who in the immortal words of Sean Paul Day spend their time 'pi**ing and a'sh**ting' in the gardens and alleyways of London especially near the airport we now have an updated term.

Of course if this disgusting behaviour was carried out by Taxi drivers or even other PH drivers, LTPH would be issuing notices, councils ASBO's and the old bill on the case, but of course it's not.

As if we didn't know it's our old tax avoiding, rule ignoring friends from the U.S  and plans continue to give them a rank (and it is a rank) at LAP, even other PH are saying to the airport that's 'no booking, no entry' rule must apply.

So there we have it, next time nature calls of either type, just pull over do the necessary at the kerb and if the old bill or anyone else decides to intervene, say ' just 'avin an uber', be sure you won't get any aggro then.

We should consider having a mass uber in Parliament Square to ensure all our grievances and requirements are met?

After all it worked for them!

The  Law Abiders Lament:
How can a business that sets itself up to ignore the law be licensed?

How can the licensing authority find this acceptable?

How can councils, known to be ruthless in parking enforcement turn a blind eye to their activities?

How can the world's most famous police force destroy its own reputation by standing idle?

How can a government paid for by its people's taxes, side with a business that pays little UK?

How can that same government that says it supports small businesses, act to destroy them?

How do we let them get away with it?

I'm Spartacus.

A quick word from our roving reporter Glen Alutto. 
It has emerged that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), from April 2014- August 2015 has made 872 trips in minicabs from a company that pays its taxes abroad.

It's interesting to note that the amount of Uber usage by the FCO, increased dramatically in the 5 months from April to August 2015.

And secret squirrel meetings with Uber.