Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Private Hire Feeder Park...A Terminal Problem? I'm Spartacus.

For those in the trade years ago  who thought a phone on the wall of the local supermarket to a minicab firm wasn't a threat, just look what's happened since!

We now have Private Hire looking to have their own feeder park at LAP aided and abetted by HAL. 

Well it's probably not a problem if they only wait for an allocated booked job as they could use the short term car park anyhow.

Of course that's not the intention, they want to form an unlawful rank to wait unbooked to then respond to an e hail by touching a screen in the terminal etc, of course once this works our old friend Hendy will roll it out in every Network Rail station up and down the country, followed by TfL at every night tube stop, O2 etc etc.

If we had plying for hire(PFH) defined this could not happen.

HAL have already amended the bye laws, this seemed to have been bypassed by those from the trade who HAL choose to meet.

So wake up all, get prepared for the final reckoning.

I'm Spartacus.

Editorial Comment:
We've seen airports around the country go over to a preferred private hire service, at the expense of the local Hackney Carriage trades.

We was always told "it can't happen at Heathrow, there are bye laws which wont allow it. But in the background, while we aren't watching, the bye laws have been changed.

Arrow Cars February 14-2015 Bristol, Leeds Bradford, Manchester and East Midland Airports

The writing was on the wall back in 2011


The Truth said...

I've been driving people around London for 27 years nearly and illegal mini cab ranks were outside most clubs,theatres and restaurant's then and long before I should've thought. The statement " while we weren't looking" makes me laugh. It should say "while we were occupied fighting an unnecessary war against yellow badge's and moaning about Addison Lee driving in bus lanes"
I know you won't publish this, but I also know that you will read it, so I'm going to have my say.
There are still mini cab ranks outside venues across London and both, cab drivers and cab enforcement haven't got the bottle to deal with them. They sit blatantly in front of the taxi rank at Stratford and the 02,even when the enforcement officers are there hassling perfectly legal cab drivers.
Trouble is that cab drivers live in denial and will not accept any responsibility for their downfall and their favourite mantra is "that'll never happen" strangely it usually does.
Still, confused Lenny is on the case now so he'll tell you to join a union but not trust them and all will be good in the world.
As I said this won't get on your blinkered blog, because you don't like the the truth. But remember, the truth will always out in the end.

Anonymous said...

What are the trade reps suggest we do now? Where has this info come from? No insult meant to any one. I know their was a meeting to day at the airport so I'm guessing this is what has come out of it.

colin said...

And the next step Ph waiting stands all over London,plying for hire must be defined or look for another job,that's if cheap migrant labour has not taken more job's???

Damian said...

What are we waiting for. We should have been blocking the airport from the moment this news broke (for the record I never work the airport but we have to nip this in the bud don't we????!!!???)

Anonymous said...

well said that man, I'm a yellow badge of 10 years, instead of coming after us for nicking a few jobs here and there your all well and truly shafted like us and now we are all skint unless you work day and night.
The big U and the bell ends at tfl with there stupid rules on cc machines turning circles and all other stuff means what person is gonna kill there self on the kol fof 4 years when you can work in liddl's for £10 an hour with no overheads 4 weeks holiday money, sick pay, pension and more or drive a rip off cab an give half your earnings away on exces

The Truth said...

Trouble is Damian, the trade reps only want to demo at a time convenient to tfl and big business. The right time to demo is at the start if the working day, only then will we make people notice. Sadly too many in the trade haven't got the minerals to stand up for their living because they're frightened of being arrested. All of us need to get over that fear or go under. Excuses such as taking the kids to school or the old woman shopping will have to go,or there will be no shoes for the kids to wear to school and her indoors shopping basket will only have baked beans in it. We can't ignore the writing on the wall much longer, we need to do something. I want green badges to get their work back as much as they do, only because they'll stay away from where I work and stop making my living harder to get.