Friday, April 15, 2016

Uber Confirm Data Received, 'Most Likely Came From TfL' : Plus AdVan Message Lost On Public.

On Tuesday 12th April, Taxi Leaks posted a letter from Sean Paul Day that accused TfL of assisting private enterprise by sharing your data.

Many people were unconvinced, saying TfL wouldn't stoop so low as to share Taxi drivers personal data with a main competitor such as Uber

In an email received today, we find Uber saying the information they received, most likely came from......TfL

Below is the email sent by Julie Erenst, to one of London's Gold Standard Taxi drivers

        AbVan Message, Lost On Public:

Many drivers are concerned that the message, currently being displayed on the LTDA's AdVan
Is being lost on night revellers outside the Clubs bars and restaurants in Central London 

So we've designed a posters, which we believe drives home a message, the public needs to see.

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Heather said...

Drivers who received an email from DataHQ re Uber,send an email to asking to be removed from mailing list