Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Shocking Statistics, TFL Don't Want You To Jim Thomas.

Below, London Taxi Radio's Sean Paul Day, talks about the shocking statistics recently obtained by Freedom of Information request, that show between February 2015 and February 2016, there has been 154 serious sexual assaults (including rape), carried out by Private Hire drivers on their passengers.

Considering that in the Met Police's own 'Problem Orientated Policing' report (Clapham), it states, only 20% of minicab related sexual assaults are ever reported, the true number of attacks is more likely to be around 770.

These latest statistics obtained from the Met police also state, "of these attacks on passengers, 32 were allegedly carried out by Uber drivers". 

This is a second set of statistics tha have had to be obtained under  FOI request this year, as TfL and the Met have tried desperately to keep this information from the public....incase it put people off using Private Hire Vehicles.

This type of media blackout from TfL is unacceptable. These statistics should be made available to every member of the public, as the safety of PH passengers should be paramount.