Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Gloves Are Off : A Call To Marc Turner.

And so beginith a week of Taxi trade disobedience, initiated by 'Dads Defending Daughters' with RMT backing. 

All drivers out there, it's time to get down and dirty. And for those more reticent to join the fray, lets now start the fight for our own and our chidrens futures. 

Let's show with pride and vigour, we will not be trodden on by this contemptible corrupt rabble of a Tory party, we're misfortune enough to be governed by!

By their total disregad to regulate and their refusal to enforce, TfL are complicit and must bear responsibility for the recent unprecedented surge in minicab related rapes and sexual attacks on passengers. Their officers have harassed hardworking rank and file Taxi drivers while refusing to acknowledge the constant lawbreaking of the vastly over subscribed private hire sector. 

A Call To Arms....Posted on social media by Dads Defending Daughters:

The trade needs to take off the gloves
We need to step forward and be counted
We need to get down and fight dirty.

Dads Defending Daughters have announce week long action to take place every evening.

Read more on the Dads Defending Daughters website: >Click Here<


Anonymous said...

also, please note:
most of these drivers are TOTALLY unvetted

ie they're foreigners, who've just presented a letter from uncle Tom Cobley, which has enabled them to obtain a licence from tfl

they shouldn't even be allowed near, ANY sensitive area, let alone to park-up

mark my words:

ALL of the authorities are sleep walking us into terrible danger

Chris Terry said...

I am amazed that none of the organisations have called a demo at Heathrow yet.

Chris Terry said...

I am amazed that none of the organisations have called for a demonstration at Heathrow yet.

Lenny Etheridge said...


It is time for zero tolerance.
TfL have instructed our undermanned police force to nick drivers queuing (not illegally ranking, or illegally parking) to enter Paddington and Kings Cross Stations; whilst Private Hire and Uber plot up where they want.
If this continues, we will flash demo and close those areas.
You hit us? We hit back.

Most of us grew up on the streets and housing estates of London, before the class gerrymandering and ethnic cleansing was instigated by this Government, to accommodate Tobies (Toffs on Bikes), who wished to live nearer work.
Are we Londoners going to bow down to a bunch of pen-pushing pricks whose sole purpose is to oversee a Taxi genocide, on behalf of a corrupt, bought and paid for, Tory government?
No we are not!

We are not going to take TfL's bullying tactics anymore.
They are trying to wear us down. And keep us down.
We are going to show TfL that we refuse to be intimidated.
We will fight back on every front!

"You wanna get Capone? Here's how you get him..." The Chicago way.
We hit everything they do to intimidate us.
We hit everything they fail to enforce.

They are nicking Taxi drivers for queuing to get into stations. Whilst leaving Minicabs to do as they please.
The inconvenience Minicabs cause, plotting up in St Pancras Station, is only part of the issue. What about the security aspect?
Why should we be blown to kingdom come, because no one cares to do their job properly?
We refuse to stand for it!

Monday 18 April 2016 marks the start of a week of civil disobedience from the Taxi trade.
Every evening at 17:00, Taxis will blockade Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations, front, back and surrounding areas.
This action will continue every evening until the authorities promise to police the drop off zones.
If they break their promise? We will be back.

Once we have forced the authorities to get up off of their privileged fat arses and do their job of securing St Pancras, we will turn our attention to Paddington.

Remember this, once Uber and Private Hire are allowed a feeder park in Heathrow Airport; they will target our stations.
Uber and Private Hire have been shitting and pissing in the streets and gardens around Heathrow.
Have they been punished? No! They have been rewarded.
Do not think we are going to take a Private Hire feeder inside Heathrow, lying down.
The new Mayor will be made acutely aware of where we stand.
We will stop the world.

Join us now, to fight back.

Tony Casey said...

there in a rolling Uber rank in London street W2,beside the station/sorting office.
This illegal rank of minicabs,runs better than the rank in the station and the new one in praed street..yet the Police have the cheek to move and nick taxi drivers in Harrow Road..