Saturday, April 23, 2016

Taxi Drivers, Getting The Message Across, Promoting Safer Travel At Jim Thomas

Ive posted on many occasions, about the amazing work being carried out, at night, by a small bunch of militant Taxi drivers, involved in taking back the rank work being lost to touts. 

Identifiable by their distinctive lanyards and window stickers, they call themselves the Mayfair Mob. But, their work is not confined to the small area around Mayfair. 
This mysterious group operate right across London from Shoreditch, through the City of London, Soho, Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington and all the way to Shepherds Bush (the home of British football).

With help from the group's own brilliant ranks and highways agent, they've had new ranks appointed and implemented, plus old ranks extended and repainted. 

But best of all, they've been highly effective in taking back work, lost to touts and bent door staff. We've actually seen a reduction in dodgy firms working the doors of clubs.

The Mayfair Mob are a collection of independent drivers from all orgs and unions. Their Philosophy is, "it's not the lanyard that matters, it's he badge on the end the counts'. Membership requires, a clean cab, no brooming and acceptance of card payments on any journey.

Most nights, and always on specific hits, the mob have been supported by the AdVan, sponsored by the LTDA. 

Over the passed few months, there's been concern over the message displayed on the posters. Although most drivers understood, the message was completely lost on the majority of night revellers. A definite missed opportunity.

It's a unbelievable what we as a trade have to put up with. Clipboard men now stalk custom outside on the pavement and a new phenomenon...the mobile booking office.

But yesterday, the LTDA launched a fantastic new poster (also to be conveyed on flyers and receipt pads, available from the driver of the AdVan and Taxi House) with a hard hitting message that shows the public just how unsafe unrecorded minicab journeys can be.

This message is crystal clear and will not be lost on the public. 

First night out and driver reports getting  abuse from Uber drivers 


Anonymous said...

See how far just a little bit of common sense goes

Naveed said...

could do with more of these vans in major hotspots! Roll out stickers for KOLs to put on their scooters top boxes!