Saturday, April 02, 2016

Steel, Trump, Farage, Corbyn, Sanders and the Feeder I'm Spartacus

How is any of this related?

What's happening to the steel industry is exactly what's happening to us- In town and at LAP, unfair competition from someone who does not have to follow the same rules (safety, environment,no human rights, sustainable pricing).

Governments of the political class seeming powerless or more likely unwilling to support anything that does not ensure the 1% of society, leaves us further and further behind.

The reaction is that people are looking to anyone (listed above and there are more all over the world) who offers a different perspective, subsequently the cards will fall where they will.

We the cab trade are up against a licensing authority who are fully signed up to the agenda in paragraph one, seemingly aided and abetted by some of our trade orgs who agree all this without even consulting their members (fixed CC terminals and not insisting on a supplier charge cap come to mind). Expect full page adverts from the fixed terminal suppliers to appear in their trade rags!

Now we have the trade at the airport being undermined by the airport operator after many years of service by us, again the agenda is king.

There will be grumbling and protests by the committed, whilst their 'comrades' do three or four rides on Code Red (remember the gate money issue?).

So it's a big deal, we ain't got much to lose, so when that referendum comes round, just ask yourself what do the 1% want us to do and predict doomsday if we don't, just do the opposite.

They then might just start to think.

I'm Spartacus

Editorial Comment:
Amazingly, we are now hearing shouts of "let's blockade, let's get ever driver to donate £100  bosh blah blah"
You really couldn't make it up. 

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