Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MP Wes Streeting's Ten Minute Bill Runs Out Of Time.

Many drivers pinned there hopes on the Taxi trades lobby of parliament, which resulted in a 10 minute bill from Wes Streeting, being read in the house.

We've now been informed that it's not going to get the preposed second reading. Apparently the time has run out in this parliamentary session.

The Bill asked for certain changes mainly targeted at Uber which, had it gone all the way, would have improved their image, improved their credibility and greatly expanded their public acceptance. 

But to be honest, I couldn't see the rationale behind the bill in the first place.
Making sure they can all speak English, making them pass advanced driving tests, making sure they all have adequate insurance, plus adequate background checks, is not going to put them off the road and it certainly won't get the public flooding back to Taxis.

It will just make them more credible, more accountable and even more acceptable to the general public.

Personally, I prefer them to remain as they are now, an inferior, unreliable and dangerous service.


Editorial Comment :
We should be lobbing parliament for primary legislation to be able to cap the number of PH licenses and reduce the over supply, which is currently killing off the licensed Taxi trade and regular Private hire services alike.

We should be lobbying for TfL to be made accountable for woefully failing to uphold current legislation, which its not enforcing.

This multi-billion dollar company is over saturating the market, forcing competition out, aided by a regulatory body which allows them to circumnavigate case law and legislation. 

It would also be nice to see them having to pay their fair share of tax.