Friday, April 01, 2016

Uber Rewarded At Heathrow, For Defecating In Residential Gardens.....Well Done HAL.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for struggling London Cabbies.

After stories appeared in the local paper, about Uber drivers defecating in plastic bags and discarding them in residential front gardens, UBER are now to be given a feeder park at Heathrow by HAL.

At today's meeting, the London Taxi trade's airport representative group the HUTG, were notified that negotiations have been ongoing for three months in secret with UBER, who are now to be given the old feeder park, behind the Heathrow police station.

The London Taxi representatives walked out of the meeting at this point.

It appears Uber drivers will be charged by the hour (alleged to be £1 per hour). It's believed they are being allowed the feeder park, to stop them parking around Heathrow, and defecating/uniting in peoples gardens.

Statement from HUTG:

HAL management and Heathrow police officers, now have the confidence to demonstrate at taxi trade meetings that they are pro-Uber and anti-taxi. 

The pressure on HAL to create a PH feeder park is coming from Uber. 

The HAL manager who's been negotiating with Uber for the past three months (his words) thought we would all sit there quietly and listen while he gave us a lecture on why Uber drivers need better facilities at Heathrow. 

His attitude was insulting and we all walked out. 

It was the right thing to do.

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    Brazilian Taxis Show The Way

This comes on the very day that Taxi drivers in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, blocked their major airport. 
Roads around the airport were gridlocked. Cars, buses and coaches couldn't move. Passengers had no alternative other than to wait out the blockade or walk back to town.


Brian said...

Sometimes it's difficult to park st Gt Suffolk St.
Do you think if I evacuate my bowels in the lobby of Palestra Palace they'll give me a parking spot ?
I could then walk to the cafe....assuming I'd earned enough for a cup of tea.

carl said...

Can you tell me why London taxi groups (and there are to many all trying to better each other) can't organise something like they have done in Brazil or better still block all the main bridges into the city at a given time where the full force of the taxi trade will make people sit up and listen instead of these pointless demos which nobody is interested in or takes any notice of

joey cee said...

Completely agree with the above .
Pointless demos between 2 and 4 does nothing but give more free advertising to uber...and does nothing to help our cause
Let's start with every rush hour morning and evening until numbers of or are stopped and proper regulation enforced insurance for hire and reward always displayed

Anonymous said...

First thing we need to do is get OUT OF THE EU. Then, get a party in power that will work for us. Labour and Conservatives have never and will never help us. Time for a change, the whole political system in this country is corrupt. Open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

It's too hard to earn a living driving a cab now. I think the end is near.