Wednesday, April 06, 2016

iZettle Announce Their Contactless Payment Bundle.

The background

Transport for London (TfL) and Mayor Boris Johnson MP announced in November 2015 that new regulations will be imposed upon the licensed cab drivers of London. From October 2016, TfL say they will be mandating the acceptance of cards payments. 

But cabs also need to accept contactless payments from Apple Pay, Google Wallet and others. Existing chip and pin machines without contactless acceptance will be defunct.

According to the TfL regulation, any authorised Card Reader must be used together with a receipt printer, and both devices must be fixed in the cab. Why they want to impose this type of expense on drivers is anyone's guess.

To make this as easy as possible, iZettle have partnered with Unique Secure to develop a practical mount for the card reader by the passenger compartment and a Bluetooth Star Printer option for receipt printing. 

The contactless payment bundle

iZettle have put together a TfL approved contactless payment bundle, that has been tailor-made for cab drivers.

It includes a countactless reader, as well as a receipt printer and two mounts. If you already have the Card Reader Pro Contactless, you may choose to only buy the mounts and the receipt printer.

You can choose to pay £299 + VAT up front for the whole bundle. You can pay for the bundle later if you wish, through an increased transaction fee for a fixed period of time. 

Please note that iZettle's Card Reader Lite, will no longer be accepted by TfL come October.  


Anonymous said...

How we all ain't going for cab app is beyond me!!!

Editorial said...

Waiting to hear back to see if their proposed solution is authorised. Told they are meeting TfL this week.

Damian said...

Because iZettle is cheaper than Cab:App. Don't get me wrong I like the Cab:App solution, and look forward to getting jobs off the App but I think iZettle are by far the best choice. Paying for the cradle and printer via a fixed period increased transaction fee is an excellent idea.

Either way Cab:App, Paypal and Izettle are all far better and cheaper options for the driver than the established players.

Toney Saunders said...

We just need TFL to make their mind up about the printer!

Anonymous said...

Didn't take long for the usual pussies to fully accept the mandate and conditions.


Damian said...

I thought anonymous comments had been disabled?

Anonymous said...

It don't matter what credit card machine you set yourself up with, the public don't want to use us anymore. The knowledge means FA to Joe Public and as far as they are concerned PH are taxis. Street hailing and cash rides are fewer every day. And the public are loving killing us off. This battle cannot be won.

Gerald Coba said...

The writing has been on the wall for years
Started with the UNited trade groups exclusion of the RMT, then later, the UCG.

When the UCG demos prompted an exodus of members flooding from the LTDA, suddenly there appeared to be a form of unity with all trade meeting regularly. But RMT and UCG were still excluded from any important meetings with TfL and the Mayor.

Then amazingly the UCG started to spread rumours, and started to sabotage the action for cabbies campaign. All became clear though when UCG launched their own fundraising bid.

This trade will never achieve unity because at the end of the day, orgs want their own glory, they don't want to share the kudos with other orgs. Simply because it's stopped being about what's good for the trade. It's now all about recruitment.

we now have a tribal, football supporter type mentality, them and us, and it's the same with all groups including the unions.

While this mentality continues, unity will never be achievable

Anonymous said...

Unity won't make any difference, the trade has no leverage to use against the arsholes at TFL.Yes men will never achieve a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Daniels and hendy(brass lover) have really done us in

Anonymous said...

warning for fellow taxi drivers with izettle taxi bundle fitted re rear bracket for card reader I have been trying to purchase the part of this bracket that fits on the card reader and pushes into bracket izettle tell me the supplier do not do this part so if any of us need this part we will have to purchase the complete rear bracket price approx. 65 75 pounds this will apply to any one of us that has this type of rear bracket no matter what system we are using this part may need to be replaced if you had your card reader stolen its attached to it through wear or tear or if you drop it damage it etc if anyone knows where this part can be purchased please post I have tried manafacturers google etcpleased with my izettle apart from this issue they seem to do parts for other items but not for the taxi rear bracket looks like us taxi drivers get mugged off again we all have plenty of money to waste