Monday, April 25, 2016

Dads Defending Daughters : A Week Of Marc Turner.

Last week was momentous for the London cab trade. 

Billed as a 'week of disobedience' it achieved five consecutive days of demonstrations against the authorities who've blighted our lives with their connivance and facilitation of You know who.

Organised by 'new kids' on our industries block, 'Dad Defending Daughters'. with the backing of the RMT. People said it couldn't be done, as it had never been tried before, why should that assumption have been doubted? 

What was so astounding is that we've always been 'org' lead. They've called the tunes that their followers have danced to. Not anymore. 
Last week London witnessed it's historic first ever 'drivers lead' demo, which the trade orgs were content to support. 

The action was brought about due to the frustration of Camden Councils inability or disinterest to enforce their own waiting restrictions in the set down/waiting bays in Pancras Road NW1 by Saint Pancras Eurostar and Kings Cross stations. They've become a hub for 'non prebooked' oportunistic PH cars, causing traffic congestion as well as posing a huge security risk. 

The five day Stations blockade proved the doubters wrong and brought about negotiations between TFL and RMT. 

Dads Defending Daughters were most grateful for the cooperation of the Mayfair Mob, Shoreditch Mob, Flash Demo and like minded Taxi Drivers

Government might be extolling the virtues of 'disruptive technology'...but that works both ways, and for an unforgettable week technology was 'our' great aid to disruption!!!

 Pancras Road this morning, with PCO in attendance. But is this just a token gesture?


Anonymous said...

TFL allowed illegal ranking before the emergence of phone based apps.
The UTG chose to ignore satellite offices and done a deal with TFL and accepted a 15 taxi age limit... Where's the proof ?
A rather large unions invertebrate tweeted out recently that the UTG had successfully negotiated the retention of the 15 year Taxi Age Limit. None of the said trade orgs have done a fig about having it recinded and have totally ignored the fact the Defra report proved the emission lies that were used to create it exist.

The alright jacks are ok with drivers forced into retirement rather than incur a 49 grand bebt that means you have to work 7 days a week 12 hours a day.

It's not just the illegal use of technology thats killing the trade.
It's the fifth columnist scum within.

Andy said...

TFL in negotiation with the RMT . If that is true I will. be rejoining .

Anonymous said...

I won't!There's nothing to discuss Enforcement the regulations and the law. What's to talk about?