Saturday, April 02, 2016

British Transport Police halt plans to axe sexual offences unit

Plans by the British Transport Police (BTP) to axe their sexual offences unit have been halted.

The British Transport Police are to carry out an urgent review into plans to close their sexual offences unit.

It said it has “listened carefully to the views being expressed” to scrap the unit, and will be conducting an “urgent review of the implications of this decision”.

The BTP had planned to close the unit and move its officers into what it called its “wider crime investigation plans” -such as bicycle theft. 

“We acknowledge that this may unintentionally have caused concern,” said BTP assistant chief constable Mark Newton, adding: 
This concern undermines everything we are trying to achieve. 

"That is why we have decided to halt any proposed changes to the sexual offences unit whilst we carry out an urgent review of the implications of this decision, to see whether it remains valid in light of the feedback we have received".

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