Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bent Hotels In SW7 And W2 : Undercover Cabbies Investigate.

FaceBook group, Save our Black Taxis' undercover cabbies have posted two individual hits on suspected 'bent' hotels. One hit by observation and one by covert camera action.

Undercover Cabby A, Two Hotels in Queensgate.

Also over the past few weeks. I have parked on the Queens gate rank and can confirm that the Double Tree hotel ( Formally the Regency), on three separate occasions and spanning a period of just under three hours, I sat and watched the hotel put 40 customers into Uber cars. At the same time only 5 London taxis were called across. 

It would appear the hotel now puts its customers direct into Uber cars and are basically by-passing the appointed rank outside. 

The Kensington hotel opposite, did not use one black taxi. I observed them putting 21 customers into Uber. Not us or even Addison Lee. 

Undercover Cabby B, spoke to the concierge in two hotels, the Millennium Baileys SW7 and the Double Tree Hilton In Bayswater. 

Our driver asked if they could book him a Taxi, to take him to the Heathrow Airport. 

Both times he was advised to use the hotel car/ minicab service.

See video below.



Anonymous said...

For real leverage we need to have them on film taking a Bung from one of own going undercover or a moody ph driver, that way they will have no way out of it!

Anonymous said...

And it wouldn't change a thing, all these hotels are corrupt.