Friday, April 15, 2016

Appeal : Cyclists Lobby Shutting Down More Of South London's Access.

Don't know if any South London cabbies are aware of this, but there's a proposal to close Dr Johnson Avenue, which runs up the middle of Tooting Common, to traffic, and to ban right turns off Tooting Bec Road on to Elmbourne Road. This will limit the number of routes traffic can use to get from Tooting to Balham. 

This has been presented as a way of "re-greening" the Common (though Dr J Ave has been there for centuries) and making the Tooting Bec Road safer.

In reality, it has been another local cycle lobby initiative: they succeeded in semi-chicaning Bedford Hill, failed to have Fishponds Road SW17 traffic-calmed in favour of pushbikes and are now having a go here. 

Last day to complete the Wandsworth Council opinion poll…

Someone has started a 38 degrees petition – useful if only because the bike lobby last year claimed that 2000 people had signed some sort of similar thing voting to close Dr J Ave….

So please click on link below and sign the petition


Ann Oliver
London SW16

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