Thursday, March 03, 2016

Unbelievably, These Angels Carry On Fighting For Cab Drivers Who Won't Fight For Themselves

The LTDA have decided to break ranks from the rest of the trades representative orgs to launch unilateral action.
Without talking to or asking help from others, the LTDA have decided to go it alone and lobby MPs on Tuesday 8th March. Emails were sent out yesterday to all their members.

Just when we thought the orgs and unions were all singing from the same sheet, the newly built house of cards seems to have collapsed. 

A fragmented trade like this, has no hope.

GLA report was a waste of time.
RMT early day motion fell flat.
Mass demos failed to achieve media coverage.

And now our orgs are asking drivers to give up two mornings work next week.

Are they really expecting this, from the same drivers who wouldn't pledge just £23 each to #ActiondforCabbies

We had a homeless street person in tears at the thought of losing the taxi trade he loves, putting his last 50p in the hat to help support the fight to save the taxi trade.

Our multinational vehicle maker, insurance companies and many other third party businesses who make their living off the backs of Taxi drivers, refuse to pledge a penny. 

But can you blame them when over 85% of the drivers haven't pledged.

#ActionForCabbies Update: 
10 days left and still £352,000 short.

To be honest if 85% drivers couldn't be bothered to pledge just £23 each to save their livelihood, then perhaps the trade ain't worth saving.

The old excuse that not all drivers are online doesn't wash anymore. 

The girls from #SaveTaxi Facebook group have been out every day distributing thousands of leaflets in all weathers, on stations, at cab shelters, the, it's been all over the trade media..... no excuses!


JB said...

I think you`d be surprised by how much support you would get from PH companies if you dared to approach them!

Barry Rechnic said...

Unfortunately quite a few cab drivers can't see further than their bonnets making lame excuses all the time.The least we can do is donate otherwise will the last London taxi driver left please turn off his for hire light.

Lucy Silver said...

More drivers don't demo than DO,more drivers don't read any trade publications than Do, more drivers don't read any web based trade media than DO, more drivers don't belong to a union\trade org than DO. These are all facts, and unfortunately you are now seeing most drivers have no intentions of donating than Do...the trades always been full of I'm alright jacks, but now more than ever it's more obvious to see.
Sadly for the ladies and good people who try to do something good for the trade your just not appreciated or even noticed by most.

Paul said...

Well then! Theo and LBC have ruffled a few feathers amongst the rats that live in Windsor house at TFL. And Grant at LCDC call was spot on. So we have two available options here. Either the cabbies who have not bothered to donate. Do so and sharpish. And all the other remaining business companies that feed off us. Donate by 14/3/16. The other option available to LTDA to actually come out of this with some positives. They could/ should make up the short fall. Imagine the good press publicity. Then with JR appeal money. We could finally start to uncover this huge spiders web of corruption at TFL. So if you know any cabbies yet to donate, Or maybe contact your insurance companies etc etc. Ask them nicely please support the trade and the cabbies you make money from. And if you are a LTDA member. Contact them via calls etc and ask them please make up the shortfall. Just think of the faces at Windsor house. On 15/3/16 either laughing at our trade. Or feeling very unwell!!

Lenny said...

I speak as someone who's pledged a fair amount.
But maybe drivers don't 'believe' enough?
I'm totally bemused by 'our' lethargy.

A huge concern amongst 'active' cabbies is the timing of the LTDA.
This oneupmanship has to stop.

We need a national LTDUnion.

AndyCabb said...

It's like this. We all know drivers, we have mates, that we know probably have no intention of pledging. Get into them for goodness sake. And this is how. Offer to pledge for them. For instance I have pledged (so far) on behalf of 6 friends at £50.00 A pop, 300 notes on top of mine and my dad's pledge. Tell them how tirelessly these ladies are working on THEIR behalf. Tell them they have had a lot of good years out of this game and it's time to put something back. Shame them. Encourage them by saying they won't take the money unless they reach the target (then if they do demand from them what you are owed for pledging on their behalf). It's really up to us who believe in this JR to make this work. Ask them do they really want Daniels, Hendy, Chapman, Emerson to be laughing at THEM.