Saturday, March 12, 2016

UCG Press Release : Rumours, Smears and Dud Bullets...

I have seen recently a carefully crafted smear campaign that has someone’s fingerprints all over it. I can’t be controlled and I won’t walk into any obvious traps. So when you can’t beat someone with honest debate and reasoning, “Smear them”
So let's look at what’s being said. I am accused of applying for a senior role in TfL, this is absolutely TRUE. Over a year ago the role of Head of Compliance was advertised on the TfL website. This ultimately was the job that Matt Bell got.

Yes I applied for it, I met the necessary criteria for the initial paper sift and I was invited for interview. I wasn’t good enough on the day and the job was given to Matt Bell an "ex" very senior policeman. We know he has since resigned and left leaving a vacuum of speculation.

But this is being spread around as if it were yesterday or indeed that I should be ashamed or in some way regret this…. The only thing I regret is not being good enough on the day to get the job.

My reasoning for applying for that role is that I really believe I could have made a difference, I will not shy away from what I believe is right… I always follow my conscience. I wanted so much to do that job, a “night man” of nine years, I have seen so much and know what is going on out there at night.

Who among you wouldn’t relish the chance of actually sorting out the touts that are stealing our livelihoods? Would you rather a bureaucrat who has never driven a Taxi or PHV vehicle in their life, who understands nothing about our trade head-up the compliance team? Or a “night man” who lives with the consequence of light touch enforcement and compliance?

No, my regret isn’t that I applied, it’s that I wasn’t given the chance to try to fix it from within TfL instead of the wall of silence we are met with by our regulator.

So for the record, YES I did apply for head of compliance, YES I did get an interview, NO I wasn’t a good enough candidate on the day…. That is my regret…. that I let down the trade by not getting the job and trying my best to fix the problems we face.

I make this promise: I would have worked like a dog to fix this mess.

So....If you could apply because you had the right qualifications, would you stand back and let a bureaucrat get the job without even trying to get that job if you met the criteria? and how would you reconcile knowing that you could have done something but instead done nothing?

The committee of the day (This was over a year ago, not the current committee) were fully aware and informed I had applied and was to be interviewed BEFORE The interview not afterwards, I met each one individually and explained my reasoning for applying, I met no objections.

My regret….. I wasn’t good enough on the day. 

And why has this been raised now? Because I won’t go along with them over tariff reviews? Credit card mandating and the issues this has raised? Because I won’t have the wool pulled over my eyes?

When they can’t control you, they will instead try to control how others see you………..

My job is to stay focused on challenging TfL and pushing back with the resources I have, so I say this, do your worst, leak personal information about me, the more you leak, the more I know I’m on the right track and getting under your skin. (but beware, I will not hesitate in reporting data protection issues to the information commissioner, and someone will be removed from office)

360 years of history doesn’t stop because overpaid jobsworth bureaucrats can’t do their job properly…. The battle continues....


I have been informed this morning that a TfL employee (Enforcement officer) is walking along ranks telling people that I applied for the Head of compliance, firstly this was over a year ago when the political landscape was very different. And secondly, I don't believe an enforcement officer would have known.TfL either deliberately or otherwise are leaking personal information. If this leak is an employee releasing personal data to discredit individuals, that's a very serious offence. 

If it is an authorised leak by TfL senior management then it is criminal and a vexatious leak of personal information that is punishable with a fine of up to £500,000. You want them telling who ever they want about personal information about you ? Someone released my response to City AM about the credit card consultation fiasco before the consultation ended to discredit me and now this. They think this is a game?

TfL think the ICO won't come after them? The ICO was set up to go after people like them! Today I am registering a formal complaint with the ICO. If it's going to get dirty then I am happy to play by whatever rules they choose.

Len Martin


smashy said...

Utter respect to you Len from an old aquantance keep fighting

Joe Hawkins said...

Its a shame that a hard working member of the cab trade didn't get the job. If he did we might not be in the mess we find ourselves in. As for TFL having a loser walking along a rank trying to tarnish one of our orgs is disgraceful and should be a boost to get this unelected shower disbanded and let us get back to being the best recognised taxi service in the world

Dizzy Disgruntled said...

Len should be the Head of Compliance cos lets face it the people doing it now are fu king shhhhiiiiitttte!!!!

Bill Cutts said...

If we learn something from everything they do, we grow stronger.

We learned something there.

colin said...

Good on ya Len.

James Nolan said...

I personally don't see what you do is anyone's business except your own.
I wouldn't even give them the time of day your better than that.
Just keep giving them hell you seem to be doing a good job from what I can see.