Monday, March 07, 2016

Uber Driver Convicted Of Shocking "Kill All The Jews" Anti-Semitic Attack On School Bus, Relicensed By LTPH

Everyone was shocked when the news broke in the Daily Mail that criminal record checks were BANNED on foreign murderers and rapists who want to be minicab drivers if they have applied for asylum or refugees status. 

We were also told by the Mail that asylum seekers/refugees applying to be cab drivers are not being fully checked.

  • Driver applicants usually undergo enhanced DBS criminal records checks for the public's safety. As this cannot be done when those from outside the EU apply, they must provide a letter of reference from their home nation. 
  • But the Daily Mail made it clear that refugees and asylum seekers are exempt and may be serious criminals.

  • General Manager of LTPH Helen Chapman, hit back by saying (on many occasions) that every applicant for a private hire drivers licence must undergo an enhanced DBS check. Chapmans statement has been repeatedly posted on Twitter. 

  • But it would now appear that this isn't the case and these checks are not being carried out comprehensively when it comes to PH drivers. 

  • We now find that a private hire driver, working for Uber, waiting for a serious court case to be heard which involved shocking anti-Semitic abuse and violence towards a bus driver and a group of Jewish school children, has had his licence renewed by TfL.

  • What happened to the enhanced DBS check in this case Helen?
  • Are Uber drivers being given preferential treatment Helen?

  • A couple of years ago Taxi Leaks broke the story of an asylum seeker, wanted in Rwanda, in connection with a million person genocide by the war crimes commission, who had been licensed by LTPH to drive a minicab and was working for an operator in east London. 

  • We also posted a story about Taliban fighters who were working as minicab drivers to raise money to fight in Afghanistan. Plus we all remember the killer on the knowledge saga.

  •                         Now this:
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  • This recent case published in the Hackney Gazette, explained that an Uber driver,  Rashal Miah, 36, shouted he would “kill all the Jews” after a fit of road rage in September 2014.

    After getting stuck in traffic, Miah got out of his Mercedes and confronted the driver in front of a bus full of young children and was then arrested after policed rue summoned to the scene.

    But while waiting for his case to be heard, Miah's PH licence expired in the 11/01/2016. Even though he had this case in the pipeline his licence was renewed by LTPH. Miah was handed a 28-week sentence suspended for one year, after last month being found guilty of racially aggravated harassment.

    The question now needs to be asked


    Drivers have asked this question on the TfLTPH Twitter account and been told they were unaware of the case which would be passed on to TfL intelligence ....what ever that is. 

    When drivers pointed out that Mr Miah was still shown on the TfL licence checker site as still holding a PHV licence.

    Unsurprisingly, when we try to check the validity of this claim, we found that the site had been taken down over the weekend.

    News Flash:
    TfL's Licence Checker site is now back up and it appears the Rashal Miah is still a licensed PH driver 

            Screen shot taken 14: 20, today

    We've asked LTPH to explain how it is that this man, convicted of a shocking anti-Semetic attack on school children, is still licensed by TfL.
    As yet we've had no reply.

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    John said...

    I am angry, fuming with rage at this, turn the tables, if it was one of us shouting kill all the Muslims what would happen, I'll tell you we'd be locked up and have all sorts of criminal charges thrown at us, as for ever being allowed to drive a cab again, they wouldn't let us on a bus!!!