Thursday, March 10, 2016

Taxi Trade Protest Outside The Beeb, Then On To Downing Street And TfL, Over Falling Standards In PH Regulations

The Taxi trade has again staged a mass protest outside the gates of Downing Street over the non enforcement of private hire regulations by TfL.

But this time, it was slightly different than in the past. After unfair harassment from the Met Police -who had been dishing out Public Order Section 12/16s like sweets- it was decided to leave the vehicles at home. In the past, Taxi demos have been treated worst than some terrorist groups, simply because of the disruption they've  caused to TfL's bus network.

Yesterday saw the emergence of a completely new group of protesters -#DadsDefendingDaughters- who held up placards condemning TfL and the BBC over an alleged cover up of escalating minicab related serious sexual assaults including rapes. 

The group started their protest outside Broadcasting House, marched along Regent Street to joined the main body of the protest in Trafalgar Square, where they were met by a massive cheer and found of spontaneous applause. 

The combined groups then embarked on a two-hour demonstration finally arriving at TfL head offices Windsor House in Victoria Street. 

The Taxi trade made it clear, they were protesting over the dropping of standards in regulations which govern Private Hire drivers and operators. The Taxi drivers claim, safety standards have dropped to a level where most women are no longer safe in a minicab.

The main protest, organised by the United Cabbies Group (UCG), supported by the London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC), SupportBlackTaxis group (SBT)  and the RMT, was in protest to the Government's interference in the industry's regulatory affairs, while actively supporting a tax avoiding multinational corporation.

A few Taxis lined Whitehall while a mass of drivers on foot, holding banners marched to Downing Street. The group were seen wielding placards claiming PM David Cameron told Mayor Boris to leave Uber alone. Another massive banner  accused TfL and Boris Johnson of Totally failing London. 

A group of female drivers, from the #SaveBlackTaxis group, had two banners one reading TfL, Totally failing Ladies and the other pointing to TfL's failures regarding PH drivers CRB checks, Hire and Reward insurance and poor safety standards.

The on foot protest, was the latest in a number of demonstrations organised by the United Cabbies Groups calling on Transport for London and the Government to impose tougher restrictions on minicab drivers and operators.

The next protest will be held on the 23rd of March, where again drivers will be back with their Taxis to cause as much disruption as possible (details will be posted nearer the day). Earlier this week Steve Headley of the RMT Union, called for London to be bought to a stand still in a massive 48 hour Taxi strike.