Friday, March 04, 2016

Taxi Drivers Successfully Flash Demo The London Transport Awards.

Londons Taxi Drivers Successfully Mounted A Flash Demo At Last Nights London Transport Awards.

Last night the cab trade came together as one and held a flash demo at the London Transport Awards, being held at he Lancaster Hotel.

Drivers were showing their anger at TfL's refusal to recognise and enforce certain parts of the private hire act 1998. 

The police have continued to be aggressive in their negotiations with trade orgs wanting to demonstrate, threatening the organisers with arrest and issuing section 12 public order restrictions. 

In one case a demo in Victoria street by peaceful cabbies was limited to 30 minutes while a few days later marchers demonstrating on behalf of certain band terrorist organisations were allowed to demonstrate for many hours through Central London.

It is felt by the rank and file that the time for sticking to the rules and informing the police is over. 
Drivers have stated their preference for off the cuff flash demos. 
Last night, drivers proved how effective and disruptive this type of demo can be.


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